Camp Adventure 10 x 10

Camp Adventure Summer’s Here
Hey kids! Summer’s here.. It is now that time of year. Busy days, full of fun, in the hot, summer sun.

So everybody yell Camp Adventure, Camp Camp Adventure, Camp Camp Adventure, Camp Camp Adventure, Camp!

Rock the Boat
Chorus: Rock the boat, Rock rock the boat (hey hey!)Rock the boat, Rock rock the boatVerse One, Two, ThreeMy name is ___________ and I’m so cool/the bomb/so radYou mess with me, I’ll throw you in the pool/tell your mom/tell your dadSo bang bang choo choo train wind me up and I’ll do my thing No recess pieces no buttercup, I know karate I know kung fooYou be my friend I’ll be yours too (repeat back to chorus and 3 verses)Verse FourWe’re Camp Adventure, and we’re so fineYou mess with us, we’ll blow your mind!So bang bang choo choo train come on camp lets do our thingNo rock, paper, scissors, glue you’ll be our friends, we’ll be yours tooRock the boat, Don’t tip it over, Rock the boat, Don’t tip it overHey __________; Hey what?You wanna rock the boat? No way!You wanna rock the boat? Ok!I glide, I hide, I get on my horse and rideI float like a butterfly and sting like a beeAnd that’s why they call me Muhammad AliRock the boat, Don’t tip it over, Rock the boat, Don’t tip it overHey Camp; Hey what?You wanna rock the boat? No way!You wanna rock the boat? Ok!He’s dark, he’s scary, his name is not LarryHis name is Darth Vader so you shouldn’t even botherAnd that’s why he says, “Luke I am your father.”Rock the boat, Don’t tip it over, Rock the boat, Don’t tip it over Rock the boat, Don’t tip it over, Rock the boat!
Come On In and Join the Fun!
Come on in and join the fun, meet the Camp A staff each one. When you see someone you know, then you’ll never want to go.

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Oh yes I’m glad I’m a Camp A kid, oh yes I’m glad I’m a Camp A kid, oh yes I’m glad I’m a Camp A kid, Camp Adventure yeah!

Magic Penny
Love is something when you give it away (chi-chi) Give it away (chi-chi) Give it away (chi-chi) Love is something when you give it away, you’ll end up having more. It’s just like a magic penny. Hold on tight and you won’t have any. Lend it, spend it, and you’ll have so many. They’ll roll all over the floor.

Love is something when you give it away (chi-chi) Give it away (chi-chi) Give it away (chi-chi) Love is something when you give it away (chi-chi), you’ll end up having more.

Hello My Good Ole’ Friend
Hello my good ole’ friend, glad to see you’re back again. You are the one that we’re glad is here today, and sometime soon you will find out why, it’s a Camp Adventure day, so come on in and catch the magic.
Hey All You Camp A Fans
Hey all you Camp A fans, let me see you clap your hands. Now that you got that beat, let me see you stomp your feet. Now that you got that groove, let me see your body move, arooga ahh ahh, arooga ahh ahh.
Iggle Wiggle
Can you iggle can you wiggle, can you jump back and giggle. Can you rock can you freeze can you move to that beat? But can you reebok, can you bee-bop, can you jump back and knee knock, can you surf, can you turf, can you, do the papa smurf, hit it! Lalalalalalalalalalala Hey! But can you glide, can you hide, can you do the electric slide, can you jump, can you pump, can you do the forest gump? Run Forest run!
Hey ______, hey what? Are you ready? To what? To miss.

Miss what? Mississippi! Well I’ve got my hands up high, my feet down low, I’ve got my one, two, three and I’m ready to go. I’ve got my M, my I, my crooked letter crooked letter, M, My I, my butterfly my butterfly. Jump back, jump back, criss cross down. Jump front jump front criss cross down. Mississippi, miss miss issippi, Mississippi, miss mis issipi, (repeat)

Iowa Farm Song
I was born on a farm in Iowa; fame and youth just bound to fly away. Packed my bags and took my saxophone, phone, a rootie toot toot.
Elbow Tag
Everyone finds a partner and they stand together with elbows linked.

Each pair spreads out throughout the playing area. The leader picks one pair to be the first player involved in the chase; one runner and the other is the chaser. If the chaser catches the runner, they switch roles. If the runner chooses, they can hook elbows on any end of any of the pairs standing in the playing area.

When this happens, the person in that pair who has not been hooked onto must run and become the new runner. This game becomes quite exciting as long as no one stays the runner for too long. Leaders should facilitate the flow of the game if this happens.

Earthball Spiral
Divide into three subgroups. One group forms a standing circle facing outwards.

The other two groups collectively form a circle standing around the smaller circle, facing inwards. The earthball should fit in the lane formed between the groups but within reach of the people in both circles. The first runner gets in the lane with the earthball. They take off while people in the circle pass the earthball around the lane trying to tag the runner with the ball. Direction of runner and ball can change at any time. If it is too difficult to tag the runner, have the runner skip, crab walk, or hop.

With a large group you may have two runners, but one needs to run closest to the outside circle while the other runs along the inside to avoid collisions.

Emotional Relay
Establish stations with the cones or markers. Station a leader at each cone if possible. Divide the groups into teams of four to six people. Give each group three emotions that they will need to demonstrate. Be sure they are relatively simple for younger children. When the leader signals, the first person on each team runs to the first station, runs around the cone, and demonstrates the first emotion; they run back to the starting line and around the second cone where they demonstrate the second emotion; then they run back to the starting line and around the third cone where they demonstrate the third emotion and then run back to the starting line where they tag the next player who does the same. The first team with all players finishing wins
Red Light, Green Light
One person is the “stop light.

” The rest of the players are “cars.” Cars line up about 50 yards away from the light. The stop light person faces opposite those who are playing. When the stop light yells green light all the cars begin moving toward it. When the stop light yells red light ,it turns around facing cars. If any car continues to move past red light and is seen by the stop light, the car must go back to the starting point. Game ends when the first car safely makes it to the stop light and becomes the stop light for the next game.

Frisbee Golf
Choose 9 or 18 predetermined objects to hit with a frisbee.

Objects of holes should be far enough apart that several throws are necessary to reach each hole. Take turns and keep score in same manner as golf. A preconceived number of throws is given to reach each hole. That number is called PAR (Par 4, Par 5, etc.) Keep track of the number of throws per hole and try to use as few as possible; lowest score wins.

Guard the King
Draw a circle.

Have one person stand in the middle of the circle (king). Select a guard whose job it is to keep the King from being hit with a ball. The guard may not catch the ball, only bat it away with their hands.

All others stand outside the circle and attempt to hit the King with the ball. The throwers may enter the circle to retrieve the ball, but must be outside of the circle to throw the ball. When the king is hit, the thrower becomes the king, the king becomes the guard, and the guard joins the throwers.

Giants, Wizards, Elves
Divide the group into two teams.

They line up across from each other at a center line; there is also a rear boundary equal distance away for each team. Everyone should learn to imitate giants, wizards, and elves. Giants beat wizards, wizards beat elves, and elves beat giants. Each group meets in a huddle to agree on one figure. Both teams return to the center and stand across from each other.

Together the teams go through the imitation of the three figures and imitate the one their group chose. If the groups choose the same figure, they shake hands and play again. If not, the team that wins chases the other to the rear boundary and any persons tagged join the other team.

All On One Side Volleyball
All players start on one side of the net. The balloon is served by a person, after that the player runs under the net to the other side, the last player on that side hits the ball over the net, at which time all the players repeat the process.
Everyone mingles around a designated area saying “mingle, mingle,” They caller yells out “Groups of Five!” Everyone must quickly get into a group of five. The leftover people must sit out. The caller then yells Mingle and yells out different characteristics until there are only one or two people left, and those are the winners.

Streets and Alleys
First, select a small area on the ground to be home base. It can be any spot you decide upon, but should be clearly marked. Then choose one player to be chased, and another to do the chasing. The remaining players stand side by side in several equal lines, one beside the other.

There should be a least four players in each line, with at least four lines in all. Each player in on of the lines links hands with the players standing alongside them forming streets. A player in one of the lines becomes the caller and when he shouts Alleys!, all players drop hands and make a quarter turn to the right, and link hands with the new players on either side. This turns the streets into alleys.

Leaders write out the names of animals on pieces of paper to form 3-6 groups. Give each player a folded piece of paper with an animal name on it. The player sits down without looking at the paper. After everyone is seated, they look at the paper. With lights out, blindfolds on or eyes closed, players start to make the sound of the animal they have been assigned. As soon as the find someone making the same noise, they link hands and continue to search for more animals of that species. At the leader’s signal, everyone sits down and opens their eyes.

The group with the most people wins.

Black Magic
The leader and assistant demonstrate the art of mind reading. The assistant leaves the group while the group decides on an object. Once decided, the assistant re-enters the group. The leader points to various objects and asks, “Is this it?” The assistant reports no. This is continued until the leader signals something black.

The mind reader will than guess yes to that object or to the object following the object that is black depending on the age level of the children.

Crossed or Uncrossed
Have everyone sit in a circle facing forwards. The leader takes two pencils and passes them to the next person clockwise. As they do so, they say “I am passing these to you crossed,” or “I am passing these to you uncrossed.” The choice of which is correct is actually determined on whether the passer’s legs are crossed, not the pencils. The next person passes them to the left and also chooses one of the above responses. Based on their leg position, the leader lets them know whether they have passed correctly or incorrectly.

Everyone sits in a circle facing inward. One person is chosen to be the detective and leaves the group, out of sight, but within hearing distance. While gone, the group silently decides on a mystery person and the detective thinks of three questions to ask about the mystery person. All responses by group members will be answered with the mystery person in mind.

The detective returns and asks a question such as: If this person were an animal, what would they be?” Responses should reveal some information, but not be too specific. The detective gets 1-3 guesses to identify the mystery person, depending on the group size.

Divide the group into two lines facing each other, about 4 feet apart.

Players in each line hold hands. Leader stands at one end facing the lines and holding the end persons hand in line. This person is the outlet.

In the middle of each line lies an object. The outlet squeezes the hand of the first person in each line. Each person passes the squeeze as they receive it.

The last person to get the squeeze runs to get the object in the middle.

People to People
Have everyone congregate in one area with a partner except the leader. The leader calls out two body parts which everyone must connect with partner. When the leader yells people to people, everyone finds a new partner. There should always be one person left out, and that person becomes the new caller.
Rain Orchestra
The group sits in a circle, line or group. The leader stands in front of the people on the left.

Leader starts the quiet sounds of rain by rubbing hands together. The leader walks in front of the people in the circle and as he/she passes each person, the motions of the leader are imitated by the players. Once they leader gets back to the left, they do other motions such as snapping fingers, clapping, stomping, etc.

to chance the sound of the rain.

Wink ‘Em
Everyone sits in a circle, facing inward. The leader secretly designates someone to be the winker. Once designated, the winker starts targeting others in the group by winking at them.

A person who gets winked “falls asleep” after five seconds. Anyone who believes they know the identity of the winker may point a finger at the person they are accusing. If correct, they have solved the mystery. If incorrect, they “fall asleep” and the game continues.

A What?
Everyone stands in a circle. Player one takes a ball and hands it to the person to their right saying “This is a banana.” Person 2 says: A what? Player 1 repeats, “A banana. Person 2 passes the ball and says to person 3, this is banana. Person three says “a what?” to 2. 2 turns to 1 and asks a what? 1 says a banana, 2 then tells 3 a banana.

After that ball has gone around another ball can me started with a different fruit, like a pineapple.

Over and Under
Divide group into two lines. When the leader signals, the first player passes ball reaching over their head to the second player who in turn passes the ball to the next player by reaching between their legs. That patter continues until the last person receives the ball. At the point, he/she yells Switch! And everyone turns around and repeats in the same manner. Teams can race against each other or time.
Artist Clay Model
Divide members into groups of three.

Member 1 is blindfolded and is the artist. Member 2 assumes some distinct position and is molded. Member 3 is clay. The artist must feel the model (member 2) and then mold the clay into that same position.

Use tape or chalk to make a circle on the floor. The entire group must stand inside that circle
Groups from a tight circle. Next each member of the group reaches across the circle with their right hand and takes someone else’s right hand.

Then, each group member reaches across and does the same with their left. The leader then takes one break of hands. Then, without letting go, the two loose ends will attempt to straighten out the maze of circled hands into a straight line

Backwards Trust Fall
One group member stands on a platform with their back to the group.

Other group members stand behind the person of the platform in two lines facing each other. The group members lock hands and ask ready. The person on the platform then yells falling and falls backwards onto the arms of the group.

Touch My Can
With the can touching at the least one person’s nose, the entire group must touch the pop can with some part of their body.
Yurt Circle
Participants form a circle and join hands. The members then count off by twos. The 1s will be asked to lean toward the center of the circle and the 2s to lean out. The objective is to balance.

Warp Speed
Have group members make a semi-tight circle. The leader then throws the ball to a person on the other side of the circle. That person then throws the ball to a different person in the circle and so on until each person has caught the ball and only once. Each person then has to remember who they have thrown it to. After that sequence has been established, the group will start with first person and go through the sequence as quickly as possible.

Across the Great Divide
The leader will divide the group into teams of six or less. Team members must stand side by side and touch feet. The entire group must get across a certain area without breaking contact among feet.

Everybody Up
Split the group into pairs. Have partners sit, facing one another, with toes touching. Have the two grab wrists and try to pull each other up.

This can also be done sitting back to back.

Spider’s Web
Tie the “spider web” between two objects. The web should have holes of the various sizes. The group must decide on the best way to pass each group member through an opening in the web.

Do You Know What Lips are For?
Two people stand at the front of the audience. One asks, do you know what hands are for? Hands are for holding. Do you know what feet are for? Feet are for playing footsie. Do you know what eyes are for? Eyes are for batting. Do you know what lips are for? The two then take their index finger and rub it on their own lips to make noises.
The Royal Paper Skit
The setting is a castle and the queen/king of that castle needs “the paper.” The servants deliver the newspaper, drawing paper, and tissue paper, but the king refuses it until he is brought the toilet paper. At that time he runs out.

Chewing Gum Skit
A person walks on stage chewing gum. They sit down on a bench and leave the gum. The next person that walks in sits on the gum and throws it on the ground. The next person that walks in steps on the gum. Other awful things happen to the gum (dogs pee on it, a cat lays on it, etc.) until the last person walks by, finds it, and pops it back into their mouth.
Enlarging Machine
Two people hold up blanket. One person stands behind it and throws out objects as the skit progresses.

The skit involves a demonstration that the machine can enlarge anything. One by one small objects are thrown behind the blanket and large object is thrown back. Eventually a cup of water is thrown over and a bucket of water is returned.

Little People Skit
Divide the group into pairs. Each pair is going to form one person by having one person reaching around the front person to operate that persons arms. The two go through the ritual of a day, brushing teeth, eating breakfast, etc.
Spit Around the World
An announcer informs the audience that a spitting championship is being held. The first contestant brags that he can make the highest spit.

He/she pretends to spit and the other group members lift their heads back to follow the path. Others can do spinning spits, bouncing spits, until finally the last person claims to be able to spit around the world. As they do and the audience is looking to the back, another counselor throws a bucket of water on them when they face forward.

Glad We are Your Counselors
Counselors line up and begin singing, “We’re glad we are your counselors, there’s nothing we’d rather be, but if we weren’t your counselors.

..” Next pairs will resume such roles as bird watchers, wrestlers, etc. Until finally the last verse is sung but with words, “but SINCE we are your counselors, “we’re happy as can be.”

Purple Stew
Two people wander into a forest when they are taken by crazy purple people and thrown into a pot. While this happens, the people sing a crazy song. “Making a purple stew bop bop badaloo bop bop, making a purple stewbee doobey doobey doobey.

With Purple potatoes, and purple tomatoes, and you bop bop are the purple stew. Other people visit the forest and are thrown in the pot (like mom, dad, a pirate, a monkey) until the audience finally realizes that if the lean to the left and right the pot will tip over and everyone inside will be freed.

Slide Show Skit
Counselors demonstrated what different pictures of their vacation might look like; for example, they might pose like they are at a water park, climbing a mountain, etc.
Twelve Days of Summer Camp
Counselors sing the traditional Christmas song, “On the first day of Christmas” but changes it to “On my first day of summer camp, my campers gave to me…” they then add in such items as sun screen, towels, etc.
Contract Partner Complaints
A-accountability (of children)C-cleaning (of facility)A-abuse (actions that could be child abuse)S-sun screen (poor application of.

.)F-field trip (lack of supervision)M-manual (lack of manual use)T-transitions (lack of..)C-communication (bad)P-parent relations (bad)B-behavior management (poor)A-after hours (behavior)Y-youth involvement (insufficient amount of)

Behavior Modification Strategies: LIST
1. Proximity2.

Positive Reinforcement3. Confidence Through Self Control4. Redirect Behavior5. Offer Rewards/Recognition6. 2X4 Conflict Resolution Process7. Counsel Youth Away from Group8. Continually State Expectations9. Promote routine/structure10.

Peace table11. Seek causes for behavior12. Planned ignoring13. Review environmental factors14.

Honestly love and each for each child