Career Development

This person does not like seclusion or loneliness; it usually makes them very restless. Extroverts are very actively involved in events. Jobs that require constant contact with people; such as, human resource specialists, actors, public relations specialists and sales managers, are ideal careers for extroverts. Taking information in by sensing requires a person to pay attention to physical existence of their surroundings. People must actually use their senses of seeing, touching, smelling, and tasting as a means for making decisions. Sensing people want the “bottom line”, in other words they only ant the facts and pertinent information.

An example of some sensing characteristics for me is test driving a vehicle before purchase it or wanting to taste a wedding cake before I order it. When one bases their decisions on feelings, it is described as being logical and consistent. The feeling personality is usually one that is caring and warm. People also tend to be courteous and polite towards others. I see myself displaying this personality, especially when am at work caring for my patients and interacting with them in a rational and friendly manner. Judging is the decision making personality hat involves organization and consistency.

I display this when I go through my daily schedule of events and responsibilities, which include getting in a daily routine with my children’s activities. Some other traits of judging include being task oriented and having a plan of action, not just going out there and winging it. When going on vacations, meticulously plan and schedule each day and event out for my family in order to stay on task and to get through the many various events that we have going on. My self-evaluation suggests that have a friendly outgoing personality. Value family, religion, education, ND my job. I enjoy getting together with friends and family.

At times I like to enjoy spending a quiet evening or day at home relaxing. My interests are many, but my favorite things to do are reading, scrapbook, and watching movies. My biggest strength is being compassionate and standing up for the ones I love. I am not a quitter and I like to see tasks and goals finished in their entirety. Like many Cafe’s, have a controlling personality. This is displayed from my liking to be in charge, just ask my husband and kids. I also agree with the accuracy of the results when it says that l, like other Cafe’s refer being traditional and doing things the established or old fashion way.

That can usually be seen in my personality when I am forced to have to deal with change. Although I understand that change is necessary for progress, I would rather take things slow and not rush into things. This sometimes leads to ‘tunnel vision” and not totally seeing the big picture. My weaknesses, as described by the traits of the ESP. personality results, include being defensive and putting others and their needs ahead of myself. The Seekers Temperament evaluation points out my attributes and faults. It brings to my attention points or areas where improvement can be beneficial.

Evaluating my various characteristics has brought me confidence in my potential job compatibility with working with people in Human Resources. The characteristic Of compassion that is described under the personality trait is apparent in my current job in as a Cat Scan Technologist. Compassion and understanding is extremely necessary when caring for the sick and/or injured. The consistency attribute of judging establishes goals for me and motivates me to return to school in order to further my career. It also explains why cake detailed plans and am determined to follow through.

The AMBIT is a useful tool to determine compatibility with certain situations or careers. I felt like my personality type was very accurate, as did my husband after he read it. However, the one major drawback to the test is that if the test is not answered truthfully by the participant, then it defeats the purpose of determining compatibility because the results will not be accurate. After honestly answering all questions and reading the results, feel that the ESP. personality type chosen for me based on my responses fits my career choice and my personality perfectly.