Carl the Complainer

responsiblere spon si ble
having a duty to be in charge of
complaincom plain
to express unhappiness about sth or someone
annoy(ing)an noy ing
making you feel slightly angry
the time between noon and midnight
an advertisement
to press on a computer mouse to choose sth
petitionpe ti tion
a written request to do or change something
cancel(led)can cell ed
no longer planned or scheduled
to raise and then lower your shoulders in order to show that you do not know something or do not care about something
a polite or formal demand for something
to have or express the same opinion about something as someone else ex) People sign a petition to show that they agree with the request.My Sentence:
signaturesig na ture
name written in the way you usually write it
a stone structure above or below the ground where a dead person is buried
belonging to a time long ago in history
EgyptianE gyp tian
someone from Egypt
mumblemum ble
to say something too quietly or not clearly enough
suggestsug gest
to tell someone your ideas
governmentgo vern ment
the group of people who govern a country or state
the system of having slaves
brainstormingbrain storm ing
a technique to gather ideas
guaranteedguar an teed
to promise to do something
amendmenta mend ment
the act of correcting
constitutioncon sti tu tion
law determining the political principles
to answer someone
a group of people who to make rules or laws,
organizationor ga ni za tion
a group of people who work together
a legal document giving official permission to do something
audienceau di ence
spectators or listeners at a performance
disagree(ing)dis a gree
to have different opinion from someone else