Cars or no cars?

Cars or No Cars? Imagine staying on a huge campus like Mississippi State without any transportation. From personal experience, it is very inconvenient and depressing. Many campuses across the United States do not allow freshmen to have cars their first year. Whether or not freshman should have cars their first year in college is a debatable topic around the world and in my household. Some critics think they should and some think they should not. Many people think students should be able to have cars and some think they should not.

Colleges that restrict Irishmen from having a car their first year, claim that they are not fully responsible. But, there are some freshmen who are actually mature enough to have one. Because all students are not the same, freshman should be allowed to have cars for convenience, emergencies, and transportation. To and from home. First of all, freshman should have a car on campus their first year because they are very convenient. He or she may need to go to the grocery store, which is not in walking distance and their own car would really solve that problem.

Another way is here may be a party or event that is off campus and there is no one to ride with. There might be a day when he or she has to go off campus for any given reason. But, the person who he or she always rides with is probably gone or sleeping. Their own car would come in handy at this point of time because no one wants to have to sit around and wait until someone else moves to get what he or she has to get done. A typical freshman will not Just want to sit in their rooms all day and feel isolated. So of course a car would rescue them from a boring campus life.

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Not only s having a car the first year in college convenient, having their own car is good in case of an emergency also. For example, there may be a death in the family and he or she will need to be home as soon as possible especially if the person is their mom or dad. Consequently, the funeral may even be scheduled during the week and no one is going home on that day. Then what are they going to do then? Other than an emergency occurring, he or she may get sick in the middle of the night, which meaner the on-campus health clinic is closed. Their sickness may require them to have to go o the hospital.

But, unfortunately, everybody with cars may be sleep and he or she does not want to awake them. With their own car they would have to let these scenarios stress them out, because they could transport themselves home or to the hospital. Lastly, freshman should have a car their first year in college, because he or she would need transportation to and back from home. For instance, if he or she is someone like me, I know they would want to go home every weekend. Unfortunately, the person that he or she rides with on the weekends may not want to go home that eek.

With their own car, they could even go home whenever they want. During the week, there may a time he or she may want to go to their old high school basketball game. But with no car, they would always have to wait on the weekends and pray that someone goes home. This could really stress a freshman out, because everyone is not used to being away from home for long periods of times. Without their own car, there may be more problems that could be avoided only if they had their own. Have a car their first year in college.

Some reasons are that some are not responsible, hey drink and drive, they are not ready for highway or interstate driving, they have a lack of sleep, and so they can get involved in on-campus activities. Some probably are not responsible enough to have a car their first year. But, that does not mean every freshman is not responsible Just because a select few are not. Unfortunately, they are right about that some drink and drive. However, that reason is not good enough because everyone freshman do not drink. There are some who do, but that does not mean that they drink and drive.

Universities should not punish very freshman for the drunks who do not have common sense to not drink and drive Students have a mind of their own. Every one of them does not think alike. Critics may also think freshmen are not ready to drive on the interstates and highways. This reason is not so good either because there are some students who drive on the highways and interstates to get from high school every day. So by the time they become freshman in college they already have experience. They also might say they have a lack of sleep.

But if they want to ride all night and be sleepy in class the next ay, then that is their fault. The last reason is that they need to get more involved in on-campus activities. Just because they have a car does not mean they cannot be in on-campus activities. Universities may also argue that freshman should not have a car their first year because of limited parking space. There are some schools that have big freshman classes, so by making them leave their cars at home will reduce this problem. Since the freshman class is the largest class at some colleges, this solution will decrease the number of cars on campus tremendously.

But, to be ones, it is not their fault if there is limited parking space. Universities have money to do everything else, but use parking space as an excuse. The school should create more parking spaces. That is not a good reason. It is more like an excuse! Although some freshmen are not fully responsible to have a car their first year in college, there are some who deserve to have that privilege. Because all students are not the same, freshmen should be allowed to have a car for convenience, emergencies, and transportation to and from home. They serve a good purpose then ad.

I’m a freshmen and I struggle every day without a car, so I basically can relate to what any other freshmen without one feels. There may be a time when a student has to run to the store, step on a nail, or Just simply wants to go home. From personal experience, I can only imagine what any other freshman feels. The boredom is not fun at all. All in all, every freshmen should not be punished with the ones who don’t deserve to have a car their freshman year. When one spoiled apple falls from a tree that does not mean that all of them are spoiled.