Carter to stephen

However, if the public don’t agree with oh, does the segregation will get worse? Being honest is a good deal if we in stead risk harm to others when there is no gain to any other than ourselves. Your action of fig HTH the segregation is more about integrity not honesty. There are three steps determine integrity. First is integrity does require moral reflections. Second, integrity may cause conflict. Third, someone with intent rite can be trusted. You first raise the problem of racism and point out this is wrong.

Des pit you are against the injustice law, you still use gentle tone to express your feeling. My Dear Fellow Clergymen”( Letter from Birmingham Jail, Page ) you speak in the voice of the clergymen, ring to show you are empathetic their concerns and declaim their arguments for them. This moral and calm method is really a great plan, doesn’t cause more conflict. For the second step of being integrity, you step out and start the nonviolent protest demonstration . Although many people got caught, you and these people joined and started this event voluntary.

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Many people who are in the middle between white mod rate and black people can see this event. According your letter, the church has lost creative, extremist thought and has become not comforting and caring people like old time. You are an extremist but the Church is in danger because it is not extremist enough. Since church I s not powerful like the old time, you gathered more extremist people instead of the Christian church. Many white churchgoers have joined in your event, marching, and suffering jail time for the cause. The last step of integrity, you have built a well model to your group.

You didn’t use violent to convince people, which is a better way. Doing what is right legally and morally . Integrity is taking responsibility for their own actions; you started the parade and bore all the consequences. People can trusty and rely on you. The world will be extreme Ely different if you didn’t have the integrity to fight against segregation. People can not have integrity without being honest, but honesty actually be u seed selfishly. In the current world, integrity often been mistaken to honesty.