The agency isn’t going to be the one audited. ALGA Industries will be audited, so ALGA Industries needs to keep its own copy of all documentations. The agency isn’t keeping their files up to date. Section 3- Alternative Solutions One alternative is he could go to the agency and ask to see the I-as in person, and he should tell them that he needs to make a copy for his files. Also, he should let the agency know that he is Newton the position and he is aging sure everything is in the right places just incase ALGA Industries ever gets audited.

Another alternative is Martin should explain to the manager that if the 1-95 are not filled out on time, the company can get a huge fine. He could let the manager know that since 2006, I-gas have been able to be filled out online, so it is going to be less openwork. Martin could try to talk to the manager and see about hiring employees that are not sent from the agency. He could maybe put an ad in the paper letting everyone in the surrounding rear know that ALGA Industries is hiring, and they don’t need to leave the area to find a job.

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Martin could go to each of the employees that was hired from the agency and ask him or her to fill out a new 1-9. He could let the individuals know that they are putting everyone’ information into a new system. Section 4- Recommended Alternative The first alternative would be the best for Martin. He should go to the agency and get the 1-95 for all employees that were employed by the agency. Section 5- Implementation Martin should let his boss know that he is going to the employment agency.