Case Study Module

Exactly before 2 months opening the hotels, Sarnia Robin joined the group as the head of Human Resources who is just returned from Florida, USA with experience in Human Resource profession. Sarnia had only 2 months left to recruit 350 employees to operate 2 hotels. Sarnia organized 2 college recruitment fairs to attract the young graduates but it was not successes. Then Sarnia opted for newspaper advertisement for walking interviews. She was able to recruit all 1 20 personnel for majority Of vacancies but the response received from Traditional was very poor.

Other than transferring loyal employees from Colombo, she had given the chance to signed and retired employees rejoin the hotel and also extended special consideration for their children as well. Just one prior to open the hotels, she was able to fill 95% of the vacancies paying little attention to selection process and induction phase. Both hotels recorded a very low occupancy rate and high turnover rate. Young employees formed a union amidst many unsuccessful attempts by ERE team, asking for higher changes and benefits such as staff transport Senior management team received regular warnings from corporate head office in Bombay.

Chairman of the hotel chain visited ND decided to close down the Hill Country and Colombo was replaced with the new MD to take up the daunting task of sustaining the business in the country. Sarnia was severely reprimanded for her MIS-management of Human Resources, within a week, Sarnia resigned accepting her failures. QUESTION 01 a. Describe the key phases in HER Planning and explain the short comings in the planning process of Agar Hotel chain which expected to expand their businesses within next 02 years.

Human Resource Planning is the process of analyzing and identifying the need and availability of human resources for a true period of time so that the organization can meet its objectives. It is a process by which the organization estimates what numbers & kinds of people that will be needed. HER plan should be reflective of the business plan of the organization. HER PLANNING PROCESS 1 . Focus on the strategic direction of the organization 2. Scan external environment for changes affecting labor supply 3.

Internal assessment of the workforce 4. Forecasting HER supply and demands 5. Manage surplus or shortage Focus on the strategic direction of the organization Hotel Agar is planning to expand their hotel chain in Sir Lankan by instructing 02 luxury hotels in Hill country and Traditional. According to strategic planning it a good decision which took by top management. Because most of luxury hotels in Sir Lankan mainly focus on foreigners. In that case it is a good decision because most of tourist are travel these places.

But they haven t concern about employee branding and recruitment process. When expect to expand their business they have recruit new employees for every level positions. The recruiting plan starts before 2 months before hotel opening. Recruitment and selection process is the most important part of the any organization. Human resources are the key, which can drive organization toward the success. Hotel Agar management took wrong decision to recruit large number of employees (350) within 2 months. That is not a SMART goal to achieve.

A mission, goals and objectives should be SMART. But in this recruitment process time they given is achieve the object is not sufficient. Scan the external environment for changes affecting labor supply Environment scanning is the process of studying the nevi ornament of the organization to pinpoint Opportunities and Threats. Management of the hotel chain appoint Sarnia Robin as the Head of Human Resources for these ewe hotels who is just returned from Florida, USA She appointing 2 months before hotel opening.

Actually it can be threat because as she doesn’t have any previous experience/idea about the culture, people, and low of Sir Lankan. Manage surplus or shortage While expanding the hotel chain main problem that the Head of HER had to face is manage shortage. She was able to fill most of vacancies in Hill country but she fail to fill Traditional one. She took a step to fill these vacancies rather than transferring loyal employees from Colombo, she had given the chance to resigned and re-join the hotels, and extended special consideration or their children’s as well. QUESTION 02 b.

List down internal and external recruitment methods and explain 02 methods each along with case examples. INTERNAL RECRUITMENT METHODS Transfer Promotion Employee referrals Re-join Work force alignment Internal job boards Any method of identifying and attracting job candidates from within the organization can be considered internal recruiting. There are many different mechanisms, some formal and some informal, that can be used to identify quality internal candidates. Internal recruiting also offers some distinct benefits over recruiting from the outside, but it also has its critics.

In the end, each organization and hiring manager should consider their needs and develop a recruitment plan that they believe will produce the best candidates for their needs. In Hotel Agar Head of Human Resources Sarnia Robin have chooses one of good internal recruiting methods such as Employee referrals, Re-join, Work force alignment and etc. EMPLOYEE REFERRALS Employee referral is recruiting new people based on the reference of current employee. Under this method, a candidate is appointed on the recommendation of some currently working employees.

Usually this is nomination by supervisors. It is effective generally particularly to find critically skilled candidate for an organization. It has been a major source of new hires at many levels including professionals. It can be a good method of internal recruitment when employees recommend a successful candidate. However, it may be influenced by the tendency of developing good prospects for their families and friends in the organization. In Hotel Agar there was extended special consideration for the children of resigned employees. There are some advantages in this method.

Such as Recruitment cost is less Candidate know about the organization’s culture little bit Trustworthy RE-JOIN Sarnia Robin gave the opportunity to resigned and retired people to re- join to the Hotel which was in Traditional. According this method organization can recruit well experienced people in the field. EXTERNAL RECRUITMENT METHODS Job advertising Campus recruitment Employment agencies From the data base Virtual sites Wall king interviews Head hunting Poaching Job fairs JOB FAIRS A job fair is a recruiting event where job seekers meet with multiple employers.

Attending a job fair allows job seekers to meet with a variety of employers at one convenient location. The company representatives will roved information about general career opportunities as well as specific details on current openings. WALKING INTERVIEWS A walk-in interview is a job screen inning that happens without an appointment or scheduled meeting. They are common at career fairs and informal meet- and-greet sessions, and they tend to be relatively short and often consist of only a few questions.

Employers may offer candidates a job at the end, but more often than not, the meetings are used as a way to quickly narrow down the applicant pool. Top candidates are often invited for a more formal interview at a later date. QUESTION 03 C. Discus the proposed selection method’s you will follow, if you have been assigned to head the selection committee to identify potential employees for newly opened hotels. Selection is the process of picking up individuals (out of the pool of job applicants) with requisite qualifications and competence to fill jobs in the organization.