Case: the dangers of using text messages

Because the individual in this case the driver used irresponsibly communication system while driving. Social . – It is understood that while driving and cause accidents with third cause a problem to society for all the impact it generates. Political . – Because in some U. S. States prohibit the use of cell phones while driving but in other states do not . Three . What ethical principles described in the text are useful for making decisions about the use of text messages while driving ? The responsibility , to enforce our obligations as citizens and thus ensure our security and therefore the security of others.

If all motorists take the wrong decision to send messages would be many accidents and casualties . You have to be aware that we are not the only ones on the road . As Albert Einstein said : “l fear the day when technology exceeds our humanity. ” – The world will only have a generation of idiots . – My action 1 . Many state and local levels call for a federal law against the use of text messages while driving. Use a search engine to explore what steps the federal government has taken to deter unused text messages while driving.

In our country we are governed by laws that sometimes seem really silly, but there are others that we can save lives as the law against cell phone use while driving. In 2009, the death rate from traffic accidents in Mexico is 10. 9 per 100 thousand inhabitants . One person dies every 20 minutes because of this. In the reference year , traffic accidents were the leading cause of death in young people between 15 and 34 years old , in the Federal District , State of Mexico , Calico and Uneven Leon , according to figures from the National Institute of Statistics, Geography and Informatics ( ENGINE ) .

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In that year , only in those our states , killed 689 thousand young people. To show the above , there are some data : • 25% of these accidents are related to some form of driver inattention . • A driver takes about 150 decisions for every mile you drive. • When traveling at 95 miles per hour, if flipped down for only two seconds , for example to write a message or set the cliche , the driver will travel 55 meters blindly distance greater than the length of a football field. • When driving, 92 % of drivers handling the radio , 71 % eat or drink , 46% is arranged , read and even write and , 33 % using cellophane . Ђў Cell phone SE increases by 400 % the possibility of having an accident In the state of Baja California to implement this law more than four years ago , we conducted a study which shows that during this period of time, it has reduced the number of traffic fatalities by 22%. In real numbers , deaths decreased from 100-53 . In reading the book shows that models of “hands free ” have been of great help to lower the number of accidents caused by cell phone, but statistically you have played an important role as more and more used by drivers and although not 100% paying attention when driving , have both hands on the wheel.

At the time of talking on a cell phone when you are driving , even with “hands free ” attention span is lost because you’re thinking about the topic you ‘re talking and not thinking about driving, you do not have a constant speed , no enough safety distance to the vehicle in front of you and takes reaction time . Two . Most people are not aware of the widespread impact of the use of text messaging while driving through the United States. Do a search on ” use of text messages while driving Examine all the search results of the first 2 pages . Enter the information in a table column .

In the left column of the report place the locality and year on the right provide a brief description of the search results , egg accident, report , opinion, etcetera . What can you conclude from these search results and table ? University of Utah, June 12, 2013 ( APP , 2013) – The 24 % of traffic accidents in the U. S. Is related to mobile phone use while driving – new techniques for measuring cognitive distraction of drivers. Virginia, 2012 ( at & t, 2012) – Tips security Puerco Rice , 2012 ( PR OSHA , 2012) – The safety of workers your business – The no Job security is an accident Every year more workers than from any other cause.