Cause and Effect essay

Jellybean In the next five paragraph essay I’m going to be talking about a very important topic called the “Unwanted Pregnancy’. I’m going to mention some examples of why teenage girls get pregnant at a very young age, mentioning the cause and effect of unwanted pregnancy and some problems that these young girls go through. This topic it’s a little bit sad for me because I’m a young girl and seen me in that position is hard and stressful. First of all this topic has a lot of reasons of why teenage girls have unwanted arrogance.

One of the causes of unwanted pregnancy it could be by using drugs for “fun” and then have sex with some guy you don’t even know and have an unwanted pregnancy. Or you could be violated when you’re walking to your home because this thing happens in real life. Another cause could be by peer pressure from your friends, your partner, or even your own parents. Why I’m mentioning parents? I’m going to mention an example of one of my personal friends. She met this guy, they went on dating and those stuff and they liked each other.

When her parents met the guy they didn’t want her to be with him in any circumstances. She tried to look for some way of changing her parents mind but she didn’t find anything. So she had sex with the guy and got pregnant on purpose even she didn’t want that for her life style. She thought this was the perfect way of been with her boyfriend even if her parents were against that. Other cause of unwanted pregnancy is unprotected sex. Unprotected sex can bring you lots of problems like sexually transmitted disease and unwanted arrogance.

This is the “oops” type of cause. They didn’t plan on having a baby; young people think that this is the best way of having sex because it feels much better without condoms for example and they Just do it and that’s it. But they didn’t thought on the circumstances that unprotected sex can have. Young people don’t think when it comes to sex stuff. Some of the effects that unwanted pregnancy can give you is depression, desperation, lot of stress, headaches etc.

You could have family problems with our parents, sometimes your friends don’t want to have quality time with you anymore because you have a baby and you are not part of the group anymore. People in the streets give you these horrible looks like “Oh my God she’s so young and she’s having a baby, that’s mess up”. Another effect is that people will start to criticize you a lot and you will have to deal with it no matter how hard it is. Sometimes these girls that have baby’s abuse them by punching them for everything, this is called child abuse and can be caused by unwanted pregnancy.

My personal opinion is don’t have unprotected sex ever if you’re not prepared. When you’re young you can get crazy by having a baby at an early age because you don’t know how to handle this situation. Sometimes you have to drop school, get a because most of the boys run away, they disappeared when they know they are a parent to be. So don’t have sex without condom and live your life the way it should be. Have fun, study and make your dreams come true and when you’re ready have a baby and be a proud parent.