access point


a wireless connection device used to connect a wireless computing to a wired network 


programs that help you view files, such as animation, audio, or video, which are included in Web pages

the short for weblog, it is an online personal journal that can be posted on a Web page. Blogs typically contain reflections, comments, and other materials such as graphics or videos provided  by the writer
an online discussion in a chat room

a Web site the enables communication instantly with other people who have logged on to the same website


an electronic form of the traditional postal mail that allows you to exchange messages and files over a network
instant messaging
a meas or system the enables the transmission of electronic messages instantly
a worldwide collection of public networks that are limited to each others information
ip address
a numeric address the specifies the exact location of a computer on the web

a company that provides internet connectivity to individuals, businesses, and organizations 

-a connection device the allows you to connect your computer to the internet. it converts digital information into analog information and transmits it over the line

a group of computers the are connected to share resources and exchange information
a computer when connected to the internet is said to be online
online communities

communities formed by groups of computer users who have commom interest and purpose to communicate with each otheer over the internet

portal- a website the offers information related to a specific topic in the dorm of a directory, a portal acts as a starting point to a number of resources of the web

protocal- a  standard method of transferring data between different computers