CDDS 136


DRAW- Tim draw a picture for his mother.

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Art- My family went to an art exhibit in New York.

Draft- Rick drafted plans for my new house.

Illustrate-The author writes and illustrates all of her own books.

Sketch- Mary sketched her picture before she began painting it.


DRUGS-Jake was arrested for selling drugs.

Heroin- My cousin went to rehab because he was addicted to heroin.

Narcotics- When the police searched the house, they looked for any signs of stolen property of narcotics.


EAR-Paula went to the doctor’s office, complaining of an ear ache.

Hear-I turned quickly when I thought I heard the door open.

Sound-Ryan’s coice sounds starnge because he is sick.


EARTH- The earth is part of our Solar System.

Geography- I had to retake my geography class after I failed it the first time.

Planet- My sister has been involded with different organizarions that help save the planet.


ELECTION- When I turned 16, I participated in the presidential election.


Elect-Mr. James was elected President of the committee.


Nominate-I nominated Julia for class president.


Vote- The students voted for class officers this morning.


ELECTRICITY- The electricity was out for about an hour, so we lit candles for light.


Current- The little boy was schocked by the current from the battery. 


Electric- My parents bought an electric range, because my mother was frightened by gas stoves.


Electronics- Celia went to the electronics stire to buy a new television.


Physics- Henry got a “D” in physics class.


Voltage- There were signd posted near the fence, warning of its high voltage.


EMPTY- I looked in the box and was surprised to see that it was empty.


Available- There is a part-time job available for the summer.


Bare- The walls in Sue’s  new house were bare until she hung her paintings.


Blank- Ken pulled out a blank sheet of paper and started writing a story.


Naked- All people are naked when they are born.


Nude- Tina was embarrassed when she walked onto a nude beach by mistake.


Open- Kevin found an open parking space in the crowded lot.


Opening- There was an opening for the interpreter position.


Vacant- There is a vacant apartment in my building.


Void- Even though I have a good job, I feel as if there is a void in my life.


ENJOY-The audience enjoyed the performance by the children’s choir.


Appreciate- Erick told his friends that he appreciated their support while he was going through his disvorce.


Entertain- My favorite uncle loves to entertain all his grandchildren. 


Entertaining- The neighborhood kids found the video games entertaining.


Entertainment- The couple’s favorite entertainemnt is going to the local comedy club.

ENJOY (use only one hand)

ENJOY- I always enjoy going to football games.


Appreciate- Tracy appreciated that Dan brought her flowers when she was sick.


Like- Sally liked the performance.


Please- Please fill out the papers for me.


Pleasure- It gives me great pleasure to introduce you.


ENOUGH- We bought enough food for our weekend camping trip.


Abundant- I found a plave in the wookds where the wild blackberries were abundant.


Adequate- The living conditions at Boot Camp were adequate.


Ample- There was ample time to repaint the house during the summer.


Plenty- I arrived at the airport in plenty of time to catch the plane. 


Sufficient- the money my parents went were sufficient to pay my phone bill and buy groceries.