Cell Phones And Driving

This is caused when a person uses a mobile device and becomes distracted from paying attention to the road and unfortunate events lay ahead. The probability of this person being in a crash is 4 times higher if conversing, and 23 times more likely if sending a text. Statistics have proven that in 2008 close to half of car related incidents/ crashes are from cell phones. Thus, shown in the pie chart below.

To put things in perspective in 201 1 alone, over 3,000 people were killed due to distracted drivers. There are many things being done to prevent this issue. For example, campaigns are going on throughout the nation to support the awareness of the hazards caused by the use of cell phones while driving. An organization known as Teens Against Distracted Driving (T. A. D. D. ) are educating teens of the dangers of testing and driving, making websites for teens who share experiences, posters, and setting up discussions with people n communities to talk about how they can help out.

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Also, the Text Free Organization who provide a very detailed and resourceful website informing teens on everything hazardous when it comes to operating an automobile. Prevent Cell phone use While Driving. With the way we are improving technology continuously a great idea to prevent using cell phones while driving should be hands free. A car can automatically detect if a cell phone is on and the automobile would not start until the mobile device is turned off completely to avoid distraction.

To bring this issue to perspective our school has done research and placed posters around the school and bringing the teens to reality. One poster was even made for students who don’t text and drive, they got to put their hand print on it, and also wear a shirt around school letting other students know they are safe drivers. Personally I can possibly create a club at my high school to help discuss how teens can be safer.