Cell phones revised

Cell phones are suitable in case of emergencies. One example comes from the book, The Cell Phone Reader, by Paul Leonardo. In the book Leonardo states, “Participants also gave numerous examples of how cell phones could not only be used to react in a situation in which an emergency occurred, but that they could also be used proactively to thwart emergencies or avoid dangerous situations” (209). Similarly, a mother from Houston collapsed next to her 2-year-old daughter, the 2 year old then starting playing with her mothers phone and accidental dialed the last umber, which was her grandmother.

The grandmother knew something was wrong and went to her daughter’s house only to find her off conscience. The cell phone saved the mothers life thanks to her daughter by accidental calling the grandmother. Cell phones are useful in all types of emergency situations and should be considered a great asset. Another reason why cell phones are favorable is because its a fast communication to family and friends that are not near us. We can call, text, and Peacetime. As oppose to sending letters, which takes much longer.

For example, keep in touch with my family that lives in Mexico through Peacetime and emails. It makes it much easier to communicate with them, and makes it less of a burden that they live so far from me. In the end, cell phones have helped me in many communicative situations. Cell phones have helped us all in different situations. It has helped me learn, and kept me up to date with my peers. Cell phones have created a multitasking ability that was never possible before.