Cell phones

With so much of advancement in technology, mobile phones play a very important role in life. Mobile phones are a huge distraction. During the class, lot of students are being engaged on their cell phones by being socially active on Backbone, Twitter, Mainstream, etc. Which definitely distracts them from studies. Most ten’s grades have dropped dramatically because of cell phone use. Some students take a great advantage of these devices while others misuse it by visiting inappropriate sites which results in bad academic performance.

A cell phone is also a luxury for a tuned. A few hours a day without a cell phone will not kill anyone. Ringing cell phones can disrupt classes and distract students who should be paying attention to their lessons, moreover it’s annoying for the teacher. Another disadvantage of allowing the use of cell phones in classrooms is that text message can be used for cheating and taking pictures of the exam and sharing answers with friends which is always wrong.. If caught he or she would be considered as an academic dishonesty and student can even be expelled from school.

For instance, A friend of mine, Peter as testing his other friend, Josh during a math exam because Kenny did not know the answer to a question. Getting an answer right on a test might be appealing, but the truth is that you don’t know the answer. Not only did Kenny not get the right answer, he also got caught by his math teacher. As a result, both Kenny and Joshua were sent to the dean’s office and their parent’s got notified. I totally agree that cell phones are big distraction to the learning process. Students use their cell phones to check their emails and chat messenger while the teacher is not aware.

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It also wastes coacher’s time of instructing the lesson and classmate’s time of learning. Studies have shown that cell phones can be health hazard. Constant exposure to the radiation emitted by cell phone in a closed room may be bad for students. Cell phones distract both the student and other peers from learning inside the classroom. Too much use of testing among students during the lecture in the classroom definitely requires a ban on cell phones. From my point of view use of cell phones in class should be completely banned. And anyone found using it should be punished with action should be taken against him or her or should be penalized.