CEP 449 Probes

functional assessment

assessment procedures to

-verify the functions that a problem behavior serves

– identify alternative behaviors that could serve the same function

target behavior
a behavior targeted for observation, measurement, assessment, and/or modification, stated in observable and measurable terms
behavioral objective

a statement that communicates a proposed change in behavior and includes:

-terminal behavior



-consecutive observations

a simple count of the number of times a behavior occurs during a specific time period
how long a behavior continues once started or the amount of time consumed when a behavior is performed
the frequency of a target behavior divided by the # of minutes or hours of observation time.
amount of time it takes a student to begin or modify a behavior after receiving directions to do sola
the force or strength of a behavior
interval recording
the observer indicates whether the target behavior occurred at any time during each interval
momentary time sampling
like interval recording, but requires the observer to record whether the behavior occurred at the end of the interval