Ch. 8 Child Development

Why are toys important to an infant’s intellectual dev.?
– mental stimulation
– they practice and remember everything
– they’re like little sponges and absorb everything
– helps with physical dev. too
Which objects or people would likely have identity first in a baby’s life?
– mother
– father
– primary caregiver
– siblings
– pets
– Binky
– blankey
– music/songs (bedtime, blankey’s being washed, mommy will return)
– books
– shows
How can object identity lead to joy?
They recognize one’s toy/face and it gives them a sense of comfort.
How can object identity lead to sadness?
– they can tell the difference btwn a new toy vs. old, washed toy vs. dirty
– they get jealous when their old toy is being used by someone else
Why must a baby develop a concept of object permanence before object identity?
– They have to recognize that the person/object is going to come back so they remember it
What things for newborns will object permanence be needed for?
– bottle/breast = feeding time
– parents
– caregiver
– binky
– blankey
What things for 1- 4 month olds will object permanence be needed for?
– bottle/breast = feeding
– caregiver
– parents
– siblings
– binky
– blankey
What different things for 4-8 month olds will object permanence be needed for?
– dimensions of a crib
– pets
– safety of their environment
During the baby’s first year, intellectual dev. happens ____

a. as quickly as physical dev.
b. faster than physical dev.
c. slower than physical dev.
d. None.

A. Intellectual dev. happens as quickly as physical dev.
____ is necessary for recognizing how far an object is.

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A. Far sightedness
B. Near sightedness
C. Binocular vision
D. Double Vision

C. Binocular vision
Brain dev. researchers suggest that wiring in the thinking and memory centers of the brain begin at __ months.
A. 2
B. 4
C. 6
D. 8
C. 6 months
The process of developing mental images is called what?
perceptual learning
Piaget called the first stage of mental development the ____ stage.

C. concrete operational
D. formal operational

B. sensorimotor
In the ___ substage of the first stage of Piaget’s cognitive dev., babies find stimulation through inborn reflexes like sucking and looking.
A. 1st
B. 2nd
C. 3rd
D. 4th
A. 1st
The words people understand but do not say or write are their ___ vocabulary.
Researchers say that parents should begin signing when their baby is ____ months old.

a. 2-3
b. 6-7
c. 11-12
d. 16-17

b. 6-7 months
Words a person uses in talking and writing are their ___ vocab.
Making a series of vowel sounds w/ consonant sounds slowly put together to form words are called…
Type of vision that involves fusing an image so it appears as one image using both eyes.
binocular vision