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The extent to which the three primart HR activities are designed to achieve the goals of the organization.
The knowledge, skills, abilities, and other talents that employees possess
competitive advantage
A companys ability to create more economic value than its competitors.
The individual who work for a company.
environmental influences
The pressures that exist outside companies that managers must consider to strategically manage their employees.
external alignment
The extent to which the three primary HR activities that a company uses help them meet their organizational demands, cope with environmental factors, and comply with regulatory issues.
The blurring of country boundaries in business activities
 HR challenges
Challenges that managers must consider in hw management of employees that relate to (1)organizational demands; (2) environmental influences; and (3) regulatory issues.
human resource(HR) practices
The practices that a company has put in place to manage employees.
human resource(HR) department:
A support function within companies that serves a vital role in designing and implementing company policies for managing employee
 internal alignment
The extent to which specific practices used whthin each HR activities are consistent with one another as well as aligned across the primary HR activities.
line manager(manager)
The individuals who are responsible for supervising and directing the efforts of a group of employees to perform tasks that are directly related to the creation and delivery of a companys products or services.
organizational culture
The set of underlying values and beliefs that employees of a company share.
organizational demands
The factors within a firm that affect decisions regarding how to manage employees.
primary human resource(HR) activities
The strategic management of employees centers around three categories of HR activities (1) work design and workforce planning; (2) managing employee competencies; and (3) managing employee attitudes and behaviors.
The companys plan for achieving a competitive advantage over its rivals.