Chapter 1 & 2 – History and Career in Esthetics

Skin care was practiced in early times _______________.
For Self Preservation
The ___________________ were the first to use cosmetics in an extravagant way.
Why did ancient Hebrews use cosmetics?
For bodily health
What were the Romans most famous for?
The ancient Asians adhered to a high standard of ________________ and _______________.
Grooming and Appearance
__________________ was introduced in the 20th century.BotoxRetin-AAlpha Hydroxy AcidsAll answers
All answersBotoxRetin-Aand Alpha Hydroxy Acids 
What to esteticians focus on ?Preventative Skin CareMaintenance of healthy skinMakeupAll of the above
All of the abovePreventative and maintenence of Healthy SkinMakeup
Camouflage therapy invoves minimizing or disguising the appearance of ______ and ____________________.
Scars and Fresh incisions
Ancient people used coloring matter on which part(s) of thier body?HairSkinNailsAll of the above
All answersHairNailsSkin
Women of the middle ages wore colored madeup on their:___________ and __________.
Cheeks and Lips 
Good posture includes:Holding your ____________ level and relaxed.
Life skills can do what for your personal development? Prepare you to live as an adultprepare you to embark on your new careerHelp you to get along better with people.all answers 
All answersPrepare you to live as an adultPrepare you to embark on a new careerHelp you to get along better with others
A strong work ethic includes:?

  • supporting the receptionist in the hopes of recieving more bookings
  • being at work as long as your clients want you to be
  • supporting your manager and salon owner
  • only giving back to those who have first given to you.

Supporting your manager and the salon owner
According to the guildlines for success; being kind to yourself means what?
Putting a stop to self-critical and negative thoughts.
The two types of goals are:
short-term and long-term
To ensure that you are staying on track with your goals, what should you do?
Re-examine your goal often
What does time management enable you to do?
Live a healthy life
Time management teaches you to:Reward yourself for a job well donePrioritize your taskslearn problem-solving skills and use themAll answers 
All answers Reward yourself for a job well donePrioritize your tasksLearn problem solving skills and use them
The average facial time – including consultation and retails responsibilities typically lasts ?
1 hour 15 min
How did the Greeks view the human body?
As a temple
Women of extravagance colored their cheeks:
Bright Pink or Orange
Which services do estheticians typically perform in the spa setting?
FacialsWaxingBody TreatmentsandMakeup Services
How do estheticians and medical esteticians differ?
Medical estheticians provide ethetic services in a medical setting.
Teachers, supervisors, directors, or school owners must possess ______________ in order to be successful.A good sense of commercial operationsA thorough knowledge of businessThe ability to direct and get along with other peoples
All answersA good sense of commercial operationsA thorough knowledge of businessThe ability to direct and get along with other people
You can relieve stress by :BikingRunningswimmingall answers
All answersbikingrunningswimming 
The method of managing you time wisely is called:
Time Management 
 A well developed attitude includes having __________ and _________.
Values and Goals
Professional ethics are expressed through your:Work HabitsHuman relation skillsHonestyall answers
All answers Work HabitsHuman relation skillsHonesty  
Your professional image consists of your outward appearance and the conduct you exhibit in the _____________.
You can help to create a stress-free and productive environment by focusing on _____________.
Team Work
Estheticians must practice within:
Their license
What does personal hygiene entail?
Sanitary practices
What is true beauty rooted in?
Good Health
In ancient times, people around the world used pigments on their hair, nails and skin made from:
Kohlberriestree barkmineralsinsectsnutsherbsandleaves
Which ancient people were the first to use cosmetics in an extravagant way?
The Egyptians
Which ancient people used cosmetics primarily for cleansing and maintenance of the skin, hair and teeth?
The Hebrews
The words cosmetics and cosmetology are derived from which language?
People of this civilization are famous for their bath houses.
The Romans
The period in European history between classical antiquity and the Renaissance is called the?
The Middle Ages
Women of status bathed in strawberries and milk and used various extravagant cosmetic preparations during which age?
The age of extravagance.
One of the most austere periods in history, during which the use of makeup was discouraged, spanned the reign of ?
Queen Victoria – The victorian age
Which important anti-aging products were introduced in the 20th century?
Alpha HydroxyRetin-ABotox
The beginning of the 21st century ushered in the science _______________, a microscopic approach to the skin care ingredients.
The birth of which type of spa in the late 20th century changed the skin care industry?
Medical spa
The Egyptians used cosmetics for religious ceremonies, in preparing the deceased for burial and for their _____________________________.
Personal beautification
The Hebrews used myrrh and pomegranate as :
Flea repellanttinctureoral hygiene and antiseptic
During which period did women tweeze their eyebrows and hairline to show a greater expanse of forehead?
The renaissance
The words cosmetics and cosmetology are derived from the Greek word:
During which age did women use honey, oatmeal, eggs, milk, fruits and vegetables to make beauty masks?
The victorian age
Steam therapy, body scrubs, massage, and other physical therapies were all availablee at ancient :
Bath houses of the Romas