Testing Terms DELTA

Achievement Test
tests course content only and given at end of course
Face Validity
appears to test taker to test what its supposed to (not a scientific concept)
Construct Validity
test what its meant to test and nother else (like incidental cultural knowledge)
backwash / washback
the effect a test has on a course leading up to it
content validity
tests what its meant to – samples from a range of what is needed.
diagnostic test
designed to find out learners needs and ensure course content is relevant
proficiency test
designed to meet general criteria, not specific to course content
direct test
approximates authentic TL use situation eg – write a letter to test writing skills
indirect test
opposite to direct, eg – learners correct errors in a text
integrative test
test which includes various components of the skill eg – an oral interview
progress test
to monitor learning on a course and focuses on course content.