Chapter 1 Understanding Exceptionalities in the 21st Century

Medical Model
Human development is viewed according to two dementions: normal and pathological. Normal: absence of biological problems; pathological: alterations in the organism caused by disease.
Section 504

Amendment to the Vocational Rehabilitation Act that included a provision prohibiting discrimination against persons with disabilities in federally assisted programs and activities.

Physical Therapist
A pro who provides services that help restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities.
Occupational Therapist
A pro who specializes in developing self-care, work and play activities to increase independent function and quality of life, enhance development, and prevent disability.
Barrier-Free Facility
A building or structure without architectual obstructions that allows people with mobility disabilites to move freely through all areas.
An individual whose pysical, mental, or beahavioral performance deviates so substantially from the average that additional support is required to meet the individuals needs.
A disturbance in normal fuctioning.
Americans w/ Disibilties Act (ADA)
Section 504
A limitation imposed on a person by the environment and the person’s capacity to cope with that limitation.
A condition resulting from a loss of physical fuctioning; or, dificulties in learning and social adjustment that significantly interfere with normal growth and development.
Reasonable Accomadations
Requirements within the ADA to ensure that a person with a disability has an equal chance of participation.
mental, physical, and physcological functioning.
Disorder, the broadest of the three terms, refers to a general abnormality in…
By requiring that buildings and public transportation incorporate barrier-free designs.
How are Barrier-free facilities (BFAs) created?
To identify people who differ significantly from the accepted norm.
What is the purpose of labeling?
Using statistics (and milestones)-that is, observered in large numbers of individuals those characteristics that occur most frequently at a specific age.
Typical development is described by?
Substantial limitations in functioning as well as significantly subaverage intellectual functioning concurrent with related limitations in two or more adaptive skills.
What is an intellectual disability?
“intellectually disabilities”
Having experienced decrimination the commonly used label mental retardation, which created a negative connotation, was changed to…