Chapter 11

Struggling readers
Need extra help with comprehension monitoring
Struggling readers need ________ and __________
Accommodations and differentiated instruction
ESL students get what type of instruction
English instruction that supports oral and written skills
Bilingual students get what type of instruction
Instruction in their native language and in English
Assimilate means
You are forced to give up your native language
Acculturate means
You are moving and maintaining your native language while learning a second language
ESL and bilingual students need
Accommodations and differentiated instruction
Creating appropriate instruction for the individual needs of students
At risk students are in danger of dropping out due to what?
– educational disadvantages
– low socioeconomic status
– underachievement
Teachers need to encourage what with these students
Positive social interactions, attitudes, and feelings of competence
Take responsibility for ones own behavior
Encourage resilience
At risk students are usually….
Score low on standardized tests
Believe they lack control of destiny
Cannot be motivated
Individuals with disabilities education act
IDEA states
That every student is required to a free and appropriate education in the least restrictive environment
Response to intervention
RTI is…
An alternate approach to determining the eligibility for special education and related services
Tier one
High quality instructional and behavioral supports for ALL students
Tier two
More intensive, specialized instruction ( small group 4 to 5)
Tier three
Even more individualized intervention but not yet special education (2-3 students)
Gifted and talented students who do not have an identified learning disability but do require other special learning needs
Giving all students the opportunity to be and learn in the general education classroom
An alteration in the instructional level and performance criteria. Driven by the IEP. Only special education students can have modifications