Chapter 18 Survey Questions

Describe Precipitation…..
Water vapor is the source of all condensation and precipitation, which is any form of water that falls from a cloud.

Water vapor is the most important gas in the atmosphere.

What are the three states of matter ?
The three states of matter are solid, liquid, and gas. Water can change from one state of matter to another-at temperatures and pressures experienced on Earth. This unique property allows water to freely leave the oceans as a gas and return as a liquid, producing the water cycle.
Describe latent heat…..
Latent heat is the energy absorbed or released during a change in state.
Describe Evaporation….
The process of changing a liquid to a gas is called evaporation.
Describe condensation…..
The process where water vapor changes to a liquid state is called condensation. In the atmosphere. Condensation generates clouds and fog.

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Sublimation– is the condensation of a solid liquid gas, without passing through the liquid state. This is seen in movies, where frozen carbon dioxide is changing to a white, wispy vapor.

Describe Deposition…..
Deposition is the conversion of a vapor directly to a solid. This change happens when water vapor is deposited as frost on cold objects such as grass or windows.

Saturated – the state of air that contains the maximum quantity of water vapor that can hold at any given temperature & pressure.

What is relative humidity ?
The general for the amount of water vapor in the air is humidity. Relative humidity is a ratio of the air’s actual water-vapor content compared with the amount of water vapor air can hold at that temperature and pressure. Relative humidity indicates how near the air is to saturation. rather than the quantity of water vapor in the air.
What happens to heat when an object goes through a change in state ?
The process of changing state requires that energy is transferred in the form of heat.
What instrument is used in measuring relative humidity ?
A hygrometer is used to measure relative humidity.
What is the difference in dry and wet adiabatic rate ?
Dry adiabatic rate is the rate of adiabatic cooling or warming in unsaturated air; The rate of temperature change is 1 degrees per 100 meters.

Wet adiabatic rate is the rate of adiabatic temperature change inn saturated air; The rate of temperature change is variable, but it is always less then the dry adiabatic rate.