Chapter 2 Education for All

Free and Appropriate Public Education
FAPE; Provision within IDEA that requires every eligible student with a disibility be included in public education.
Related Services

Those services necessary to ensure that students with disibilities benefit from thei educational experience.

i.e. special transpo., speech patho., pysch. services, and physical and occupational therapy, recreation, rehabilitation couseling, social work, and medical services.


Individualized Education Plan/Program
IEP; A written framework for delivering appropriate and free education to every eligible disabled student.
Individualized family service plan
IFSP; A plan of services for infants and toddlers and thier families.
Individuals with Disibilities Act
IDEA; Public law 94-142
Alternate Assessments
Assessments mandated in IDEA 1997 for students who are unable to participate in required state-or-district-wide assessments.
Special Edu.
Specially designed instruction provided at no cost to parents in all settings.
Law 94-142
The Edu. for All Handicapped Children Act
Least Restrictive Environment
LER; Students with disibilities are to be educated with their peers without disibilities to maximum extent appropriate.
General Curriculum
Instructional content that all children are expected to learn in school.
Intruction that emphasizes challenging academic standards of knowledge and skills, and the levels at which students should demonstrate mastery of them.
What is standard based instruction?
A written plan
Students with disabilities are eligible for what?
To facilitate the professional and parent partnership
Meditation is intended to?
A surgically implanted medical device
Which is not a related service?
Advocates that no person with a disibility can be rejected for a service regardless of the nature or extent of the disabling condition.
What is the Zero-Exclusion Principle?
Civil Rights
The Right to Education for children with disiblites came about as a part of what?
Segregated Edu.
For the past three centuries special edu. has meant?

No one can be rejected.