Chapter 3 – Exam Review

Besides having excellent technical skills, what must you master to succeed in the skin care business?
The art of communication
An intake form is also called a(n)
client questionnaire or consultation form
Your client should always sign a(n) __________ prior to more agressive skin care treatments.
Consent form
When should client consultation be done?
Prior to every service.
You should cover _______________ during a consultation.
All key points
_______________ is not a skin type. Normal skinOily skinHyperpigmentationCombination skin
The salon manager is generally responsible for:Daily maintenancedaily operationsquality of client servicesall answers
All answers
When dealing with difficult people you sshould always:respect boundriesthink before you speak or actbe assertive but respectfulall answers
All answers
There is a huge difference between being right and ?
Being righteous
Any time you have an aggressive client who is not responding to your best efforts to communicate effectively, you should
seek the aid and advice of your manager
Customer service is central to
You need to understand ____________ before you can understand others.
Communication is :
successfully sharing information between two or more people
What should you do if you have an unhappy client on your hands?offer to redo the service as soon as you possibly canif the service can’t be redone, explain to the client exactly why this is the caseask for the assistance of your managerall answers
All answers
We like to interact with others when we feel _________.
The opposite of having a pleasant tone of voice is :
rapid, jumbled speech