Chapter 4 test notes

How coal is made? step 1
soil like, partially decayed plants
Fossil Fuel
coal, oil, natural gas
Tar Sands
Bitumen (oil) mixed with sand or clay
Oil Shale
A waxy mineral ix with shale
Why is it not profitable to mine?
they are difficult to extract from the earth
Mineral resources & Igneous Processes
As a body of magma cools, heavy minerals crystallize & settle at the bottom of magma chamber
Hydrothermal Solutions:
As magma cools into solids liquids and metals collect at the top of the chamber. They can move with rock. The fluid cools, minerals separate and make veins.
Placer Deposites
When eroded, heavy minerals settle quickly from moving water while less dense particles remain suspended and keep moving.
Solar Energy
advantages: fuel is free and nonpollutingDisadvanteges: Clouds
nuclear energy
disadvanteges: Expensive to build, nuclear wastes, accidents