Chapter 5 Natural Resources

natural gas
gas that is used to heat homes and provide fire to stovetops
renewable resource
resources that can be replaced
most important natural resource
3rd level
kind of economic activity related to distribution and services, is the most developed, and is the most wealthy
developing nation
countries with few industries and either less wealth or poverty
fossil fuel
energy soures that were created from the remains of prehistoric plants and animals
1st level
kind of economic activity that is related to raw materials gathered from the earth, and also is the lowest and therefore least wealthy activity
subsistence farming
small farms where just enough food is grown to feed a family
“black gold” or liquid that is used for energy and gasoline
natural resource
any useful material found in the environment
developed nation
countries with many industries and wealth
process of changing a raw material into a finished product, e.g. an automobile
large farm owned only by a few people
nonrenewable resources
resources that cannot be replaced
recyclable resource
resources that cycle through natural processes
raw materials
resources that must be altered or changed before they can be used
commercial farming
large farms owned and operated by companies
foreign aid
gifts and loans from one country to another
2nd level
kind of economic activity associated with manufacturing and industry, and is therefore related to more wealth
rocky resource that is used for energy, but causes massive pollution
multinational organization that controls the production of oil