Chapter 5 Survey

When does mechanical weathering occur?
when physical forces break rock into smaller pieces without changing the rock’s mineral composition.
name the three physical processes that cause mechanical weathering.
frost wedging, unloading, and biological activity
describe the frost wedging.
The mechanical breakup of rock caused by the expansion of freezing water in cracks and crevices
slabs of outer rock separate like the layers of an onion and break loose in a process called.
what is meant by biological activity?
the activities of organisms, including plants, burrowing animals, and humans, can also cause mechanical weathering.
explain chemical weathering
The transformation of rock into one or more new compounds.
______ is the most important agent of chemical weathering.
can chemical weathering change the physical shape of rock?
What two factors affect the rate of weathering?
Characteristics and climate
give an example of a rock characteristic