Chapter 6 Flashcards Georgia Studies

Techniques used to give out land to citizens of Georgia
Head-right System and Land Lottery
The Yazoo Land Fraud and its effect on Georgia citizens
a scandal in Georgia where members of the General Assembly where caught taking bribes to sell public lands at a very reduced price. Result: Governor and General Assembly members are fired/ Georgia looses millions of acres to the federal government
Georgia’s new Western boundary
Georgia gave land West of Chattahoochee river for $1.25 million
Original name for Atlanta
Gains from the Louisiana Purchase
Doubles the size of the U.S and more natural resources
President Thomas Jefferson and Louisiana Purchase
Jefferson made the Louisiana Purchase
Sacagawea (Lewis & Clark)
Native American Guide on Corps of Discovery/Translator
Cotton Gin and Eli Whitney
Eli Whitney created the cotton gin which made separating cotton fibers and seeds a lot faster and easier.
Mechanical Reaper and Cyrus McCormick
Cyrus McCormick made the mechanical reaper to make cutting grain 6 times faster and easier.
What type of transportation made Atlanta so important?
name of turnpike from Athens, Ga to Tennessee
Old Atlanta Highway
Georgia’s 1st Land Grant University
University of GA
Georgia’s 1st female college
Wesleyan College for women
3 reasons why the war of 1812 began
War hawks wanted the U.

S to have Canada, Great Britain blocked U.S trade with France, Great Britain was impressing U.S sailors

President James Madison
declared war with Great Britain
name of the treaty that ended the way of 1812
treaty of Ghent
Chief James Vann (Cherokee)
rich man with brick mansion that was the “Showcase of the Cherokee Nation” and believed that Christianity would bring good change for Cherokees
Cherokee Capitol City
New Echota
Cherokee Newspaper & it’s editor
The Cherokee Phoenix by Elias Boudinot
Name of GA city of 1st Gold Rush
Dahlonega, GA
1830 Indian Removal Act: What was it, which president signed it
makes legal to remove Indians from land to west and Andrew Jackson signed it
Trail of Tears & Winfield Scott
all native Americans had to move west and Scott had to march them to Oklahoma
Chief William McIntosh (Creek)
creek leader who got executed for signing a treaty giving away all the creek land in GA (Treaty of Indian Springs)
Treaty of New York (Creek)
Chief McGillivary gives up creek land East of Oceenee river
Treaty of Indian Springs (Creek)
Chief William McIntosh signs treaty to give up all creek land in GA
Treaty of New Echota (Cherokee)
Cherokee leaders sign treaty to give up all Cherokee land
Dr. Crawford W.

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