Chapter 7 – Technology

A mixture of clay and straw used as a structural material in the southwestern United States
Batter Boards
Boards that support the lines set up to locate the building so excavating can begin for the foundation
A horizontal structural member, usually used to support floor or roof joists
Closed-Loop System
a system that includes a feedback device to provide control
Communication System
a means of transmitting and/or receiving information between two points
Floor Plan
a dreawing tht shows the arrangement of rooms in a building
the lowest portion of a building’s foundation. The foundation wall rests on top of the footing.
the footing and foundation wall that support a building and spread its load over a large ground area.
Heating system:
the furnace and associated ducts or pipes used to distribute heated air or water to the different rooms of a home.
material used in the walls and ceiling of a building to help control heat loss and heat gain
horizontal member of a house framework that supports the floor
designing the exterior space that surrounds a home.
Modular construction
a building system that involves basic room units of different sizes and shapes that can be combined on site.
Open-loop System
a system that is not controlled through use of a feedback device
Plumbing System
the means used to bring in clean water and dispose of waste water in a home
Post and Lintel
the simplest form of a framed structure, with horizontal framing members (beams) supported by vertical members (posts)
A system of building in which components (such as wall framing or roof trusses) are built in a factory, rather than on the job site.
The land on which a building is to be built
a covering over joists that supports other floor coverings
a series of parts or objects connected together for a particular purpose
Wall stud
a vertical framing member to which gypsum board, paneling, or other wall coverings are attached
Electrical System
the circuits that carry electricity in a product or for light, heat, and appliances throughout the home
What are the 4 types of single family home?
Bungalow, one and 1/2 story, split-level and 2 story
What are the 5 major structural elements in a home in the order they are built
foundation, floor, walls, ceiling and roof
Rooms in a home are grouped according to function. What are the three functions
Sleeping, living, and working