Chapter 8 & 9

What causes an earthquake?
Earthquakes are caused by the vibration of Earth produced by the sudden release of energy.
Describe the location of an epicenter and focus.

What is the elastic Rebound hypothesis?
Elastic rebound hypothesis is the release of built up energy.
Describe aftershock and foreshocks
Aftershocks are small quakes that come after a major earthquakes. Foreshocks are small quakes that come before major earthquake
How are earthquakes mearsure
Historically scientist have used two different types of measurement to describe the size of an earthquake intensity and magnitude.
Who came up with the idea of continental drift
Alfred Wegner
What is pangaea
Super continent
When did pangaea form
500 MY
What kind of evidence is presented to verify the idea of continental drift
What is plate tectonics
the uppermost mantle, along with overlying crust, behaves