Chapter 9 Study Guide

Wegener’s continental drift hypothesis stated that all the contients once joined together to form….
A single continent.
The supercontinent in the continental drift hypothesis is that….
Pangaea,meaning all land.
One kind of evidence that supports Wegener’s hypothesis is that….
He noticed the similarity between the coastlines on opposites sides of the South Atlantic Ocean.
According to the theory of plate tectonics, the uppermost mantle,along with the overlying crustm,behaves as a strong rigid layer….
This layer is known as the lithosphere.
In the plate tectonic theory,a plate4 can be made up for….
What kind of plate boudary occurs where two plates grind past each other without destroying or producing lithosphere?
Transform fault boudaries
What type of boundary occurs where two plates move together,causing one plate to descend into the mantle beneath the other plate
Convergent boundary
New ocean crust is formed at?
Divergent boundary
What hypothesis states that the continents were once joined to form a single supercontinent?
Continental drift
Which of the following was NOT used in support of the continental drift hypothesis?
In the plate tectonics theory,the lithosphere is divided into plates?
Is divided into 2 plates
A tectonic plate consists of….
Uppermost mantle,along with overlying crust
Which of the following is geographic example of a transform fault boundary?
San Andreas Fault
Which of the following results when divergence occurs between two oceanic plates?
Divergence creates new seafloor.Divergence causes ocean ridges and rift valleys.
The Himalayas in South Asia are an example of what type of plate boundary?
The result is the collision between the two continents.