Chapter five

How do scientists predict the location of specific biomes?

Characteristic types of environments occur in different conditions of temperature and precipitation.

CHAPTER 5, p. 96

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What is a biome?

General areas with similar climate, growth patterns, and plants.

 CHAPTER 5, p. 96; Glossary, p. 379

What is the estimated total number of living species?

Between 3 million and 50 million. 

 CHAPTER 5, p. 108

Where is species diversity most concentrated?

South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia  

 CHAPTER 5, p. 109

What was the fifth mass extinction event?

The Cretaceous extinction event of 65 million years ago

CHAPTER 5, p. 111

What does habitat fragmentation do to biodiversity?

Fragmentation decreases biodiversity.

 CHAPTER 5, p. 113; Glossary, p. 382

What is an invasive species?

A generalist or pioneering species that is moved into a new ecosystem. For example, the kudzu, water hyacinth, and walking catfish are all invasive species in the U.S.

 CHAPTER 3, pp. 52&60; CHAPTER 5, p. 115