Chapters 3,4,5

Campus Vision
a data-driven decision on what you want your school to focus on an implment when determining how the school  promotes learning, raise expectations, and increases the rigor for students, teachers, and administration.
1-2-3-4 Plan
a series of steps that a principal must ask when answer questions or problems.  It starts with developing, articulating, implementing, and stewardship of the vision of learning.  What we do first for example is to develop in any situation or plan.
important part of being a facilitator is having everyone in the school involved in making decisions and running the school.
principal responds appropriately to the diverse needs in shaping campus climate, he or she addresses averyones needs in the schools.
Education community
is all people who make up the school including students, parents and district community.
Group creation
have staff, students, and parents help create plans and focuses that are important to the school because people support what they create.
Support, Encourage, and Sustain
keep your people supported and uplifted and they will be happy and more willing to work harder for the school vision. Wiht support in place all people can be successful.
Assess both formally and informally all the time to promote growth and make things better.
be active and informed in all areas, never stop growing.
work with a properly communicate with everyone in the school and community.
Discussion and Input
get differences of opinions and manage conflicts.
community relations is extermely important for a school the better the relationship, the better the support for school vision.  This can make or break a school. Ecourage parents, caregivers, businesses, and everyone else to be in partnership and active in the school.
Current Affairs
stay current in what is happening around you in the world and community so you are prepared to address things that impact students and education.
all students deserve equal opportunity to be successful in all facets of their lives.
Children are our future
remember that every child is our future and your nuturing and developing affects this.
Be a good model
let what you say match what you do.  Maintain moral standards such ethics, consistency, fair and legal practices at all times boh in your professional and personal life.
Cherish Diversity
all children are different and must cherish and help the student maintain their differences.
be an advocate and a voice for all children.