Character analysis

She is an elderly woman who is desperate to become a Spaniard, Dona Victorian De Los Rexes De Escapade. She represents the colonial mentality of Filipinos during the Spanish era. She actually has this basic anxiety because of the fact that she has this feeling of insecurity about her appearance so she tend to manipulate others in telling her that she is beautiful by using her power which is money. Too protect herself against basic anxiety she married a guy she doesn’t love Just to escape the reality that she will be marked as a “mandating dalai”.

She is very submissive to the culture of Spain even though she is a native. Also, we can see that she tends to dominate others especially her own husband. According to Feisty, “Neurotics have the same problems that affect normal people, except neurotics experience them in a different degree. ” Therefore everyone has set of problems, we only differ in the way we interpret and solve these particular hardships in life. I can identify in Victorians personality the different Compulsive Drives of Hornet’s theory.

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We can start off with the first one which is the neurotic need for affection and approval. Although it was not portrayed in the play we can tell that Dona Victorian is trying to maintain a certain level in society so she’s doing her best to become what deed for power because it can be seen in the play that she is married to a man whose real name is Tiburon De Escapade, and is actually submissive to his wife. He acquired the title of a doctor by faking certain documents and was push through because of his wife.

I also saw that she was insulting a certain person named Dona Consolation and it really happened in the story and called the latter a “lavender” resulting in a certain brawl and the need present here is the need to exploit others, constantly evaluating others even her own nephew whom they proclaimed gay, Alfonse Liners. In other parts of the story which are not included in the play, Victorian self-proclaimed that she had many suitors including one of the main characters, Capitan Taiga.

Although they didn’t work out she eventually married Tiburon so that she can actually raise her position in society by convincing him to become a doctor. A certain part of the play wherein Tiburon was forced to describe Victorians appearance as a very attractive lady, the neurotic need for personal admiration is present. Obviously we can see that she does her best to be the more attractive lady than the others by lying about her age and wearing too much make- p, the neurotic need for ambition and personal achievement can be included.

Victorians personality can be a neurotic trend called “moving against people” in which she appear tough and ruthless in treating her husband. So she is motivated by this strong need to punish others. Overall the intricacy’s conflict present in her personality is the idealized self- image. She picture herself as a goddess admired by men. Also, she wishes to be a Spaniard therefore she is alienated to her real self and forming the distinct drive towards her idealized self which is called the neurotic search for glory.

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