Character Archetypes in Literature.

The Hero
The character is the one ultimately who may fulfill necessary task.

Young Person from the Provinces
They are taken away in their youth and raised by strangers.

The Initiates
Young characters who must endure a ritual or training before their quest.

They teach to the initiates and can serve as a parental figure or role model.

Huniting Group of Companions
Characters willing to fave any number of perils in order to be together.

Loyal Retainers
Noble sidekicks, they protect the hero.

Friendly Beast
Animals that assist the hero. Reflect nature is on their side.

The Devil Figure
Evil incarnate. Tries to tempt the hero incentives in exchange for the hero’s soul or integrity.

The Evil Figure with a Good Heart
Redeemable Devil figure (or servant of figure) that is saved by the hero’s noble heart.

The Scapegoat
An animal or more usually a human whose death excuses some taint or sin that has been visited upon the community.

The Outcast
Banished from a community for some crime (real or imagined).

The Earth Mother
Symbolic of fulfillment, abundance, and fertility. Offers spiritual and emotional nourishment to those she contacts.

The Temptress
Has sensuous beauty, she is the one whose physically attraction who can bring the downfall of the hero.

The Platonic Ideal
Source of inspiration for whom the hero has an intellectual rather than physical attraction.

The Unfaithful Wife
Literally what the definition implies.

The Damsel in Distress
Vulnerable woman who must be saved by the hero.

The Star-Crossed Lovers
Two characters in love which is destined to have a tragic end.

The Creature of Nightmares
A monster summoned from the deepest, darkest parts of the human psyche to threaten the lives of the hero.