Characteristics of Religion

How can beliefs give them identity? Followers accept the worldview Of the religious tradition to which they belong and the make sense of life in light of these beliefs. Beliefs are put into words through sacred texts and writings. These help people to make sense of and understand their beliefs. Sometimes they are doctrines (teachings) or creeds hat make clear statements of belief or practice.

Some traditions provide a clear theology, which is a formal study of beliefs. Beliefs are important because they are the first step of knowing how to live. Sacred texts and writings: These are often revered as the word of God or lived wisdom of those searching for truth. Some began as oral tradition; others are the result of lifetime reflection and study. It is important to interpret such writings in their correct context. They can be made up of different genres and text types. Most traditions have commentaries or other writings to assist in interpreting cared text.

Ethics: The reasoning behind why some behaviors or attitudes are considered right or wrong. Religion has played a role in determining these reasoning. Some religions have numerous specific laws and regulations while others have overarching guidelines. Most religious basic code of conduct is determined by their ethics. Tend to be found in sacred texts and developed from beliefs. Rituals and Ceremonies: There are rights of passage and initiation rights as well as rights of worship and devotion. Rituals have a prescribed form and process. Each ritual has a structure and symbols.

They allow the believer to bring the spiritual world into the physical one. Involves special, deliberate and repeated patterns of behavior. They allow believers to put their beliefs into practice and remember key events in their religious traditions. Rituals affirm values, meaning and purpose that are common to tradition; they recall sad and happy events of the tradition; they allow the believer to concentrate their mind on the meaning and implications of the event they celebrate. Rituals remind believers of the presence of a spiritual life that underpins their daily life.