Child Development

What is our basic genetic endowment and how can human development go awry?
*Child recieves 23 csomes from each parent*Gregor Mendel discovered genetics*Genes can become physically damaged or may mutate*Genetic counselors perform tests to find potentially genetic abnormalities.
How do the environment and genetics work together to determine human characteristics?
*Genetically based traits that form a possibility are genotype.*Ultimate expression is then phenotype
Which human characteristics are significantly influenced by heredity?
*Interaction of Nature vs.

Nurture*Intelligence can be related to genetics but also environment*Neuroticism and extroversion

What happens during the prenatal stages of development?
*Union of sperm and ovum*Infertility in 15%*Germinal Stage (fert-2 weeks)*Embryonic stage (2-8)*Fetal (8 weeks-birth)
What are the threats to the fetal environment, and what can be done about them?