Choose The Right University For Your MBA

If you want to succeed in today’s finance and business-driven world, it pays to pursue an education that can be directly applied to Canada’s high-paced corporate culture. Studies continue to show that a Master’s degree in Business Administration will keep you competitive in the sink-or-swim model of business, management, and high finance. This is because an accredited MBA program offers engaging lectures, collaborative team-building exercises, and a focused teaching model combined with practical real-world business scenarios to help students succeed in a real business — with a real salary — once they graduate. A top-notch business school will also offer the latest in classroom teaching technologies which will enhance the learning experience. All of this will not only prepare you for a job in business, human resources, accounting, operations, business analysis, finances, or marketing, but it will also allow you to hit the ground running and put you on an immediate management track — a sizeable perk that a bachelor’s degree alone cannot help you achieve. Additionally, leading business schools will allow you to combine an MBA with other degrees — some business school students graduate with both an MBA and a CPA or a Masters of Finance.

This intense skillset translates directly into earning potential, which essentially turns the cost of tuition into a winning investment. The Graduate Management Admission Council, the body that administers the GMAT, explains that business school graduates will make more this year than they did the year prior — which means that MBA grads will be seeing higher salaries right out of the gate. The council’s 2015 survey also found that among corporate recruitment agencies, more than half of employers globally will increase salaries of new MBA hires in 2015. Furthermore, 30% of employers will offer a raise commensurate with the rate of inflation while 21% will offer an increase that tops that rate. The median starting salary in the US for MBA grads is expected to be $100,000 which is an increase of $5,000 from 2014 and a $45,000 advantage over what these same employers will be paying candidates with undergraduate degrees alone. A further advantage for MBA grads is the fact that overall job prospects are better than they have been for a decade, and 84% of employers plan to hire MBA grads this year, which is up from 74% in 2014.

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What does all this mean to you? It means that the business and financial world is serious about hiring MBA graduates, which tells you that if you want to make it into business school, you need to be equally serious. If you want to add that prestigious MBA accreditation to your CV, you will need to buckle down and give the application process your all. The MBA application process is itself a preliminary screening process, and universities use it to pinpoint the best from the rest, bringing only the most adept and diligent on board to study at the graduate level. Study the process before you start — you can cut down on hesitation, confusion, and anxiety by familiarizing yourself with the application process before you actually apply, which will allow you to deal with eligibility requirements so that they become a boon rather than a hindrance — focus on your strengths and draw attention away from any weak spots. Knowing what you will need to prepare, coordinate, and submit — long before the near-deadline crunch — will allow you to maximize results and minimize stress.

Of course, where you apply is as important as how you apply, and the right research will allow you to find the right business school for you unique needs and ambitions. Choose a school with a proven track record and the right tools to help you before, during, and after your studies. Business school is all about integration — how will your theoretical learning apply out there in the boardroom or on the trading floor? Because so much emphasis is placed on real-world business models, you should choose a school with a successful co-op program in place. Make sure the co-op model is competitive, and make sure that the school has a strong tie to business partners. Wilfrid Laurier University is renowned for its business partnerships; for the past few years, Laurier has consistently had a 100% employment rate for its co-op students during their work terms, and in any given year the university offers more than 3,000 job postings from 714 organizations, including several Fortune 500 companies. If you’re looking for a placement in an industry like accounting, health care, financial services, consulting, technology, economic research, securities, HR, marketing, or management accounting, the co-operative education option is definitely right for you.

If you’re interested in finding a placement (or eventual employment) with a dug-in-the-trenches business firm, why not pursue your MBA right where the action is? For more than 17 years,Laurier has been offering the full content MBA degree program, and the combined programs, MBA with MFIN and the MBA with the CPA, in the heart of the Toronto Financial district at its Toronto MBA campus. Located in the Sun Life Financial Tower, classrooms are literal steps away from the TSX (or Toronto Stock Exchange) and all the major Bay Street investment and management firms. According to the World Federation of Exchanges, the TSX is one of the leading global financial exchanges, as it holds the greatest number of security listings of any exchange in North America while also boasting the second-most globally. An MBA that offers its students the chance to study in the heart of Canada’s booming financial district, with industry leaders just a few blocks away, seems like a winning situation that no aspiring grad would ever turn away. If pursuing an MBA at a world-renowned university on a campus minutes away from Bay Street appeals to you, then check out one of the many Wilfrid Laurier MBA programs and jump start your career in business today. The opportunities you will be buying yourself are nearly endless.