Chukar range
Native to Eurasia, North American Range-west coast
Chukar Habitat
Require Steep, dry, rocky slopes with shrub steppe vegetation, with caves and crevices to roost in. They can survive up to 4000 ft elevation
Chukar Food
Seeds of grasses and forbs >85% of adult diet
15% insect
Feed onground mostly, but will climb for berries
Chukar groups
Called Coveys, form in winter
{Chukar}How many birds do Coveys average?
Around 20
{Chukar}When do coveys break up and pairs form?
They break up in February and March
{Chukar} What do Chukar Nests look like?
Depressions on the ground, lined with grass, twigs, and feathers. It will be hidden under a rock or shrub.
{Chukar} What kind of mating do Chukars have?
{Chukar} What is the average clutch size?
15 eggs
{Chukar} What is the incubation period?
24 days
{Chukar}What affects productivity?