Cigarette Smoking Should Not Be Allowed in Public Places

Cigarette Smoking Should Not Be Allowed in Public Places


Smoking kills, it is a medical and statistical fact. Death, and suffering before death, as it were, is not enough of a deterrent for people to stop smoking. It’s bad enough that that they don’t care about their own health but they also endanger the lives of others through second hand smoke. In this light, I would like to argue that cigarette smoking should be banned from public places anywhere in the world and that strict measures should be done to impose this rule.

Smoking Ban in Public Places

            Laws have already been applied to some major cities to ban smoking in public places like in public transportation, parks, and malls. But this doesn’t quite cut it. Unless they find a way to keep the smoke strictly within smoking areas, second hand smoke is inevitable. Only a totally smoke free facility can provide protection for non smokers from second hand smoke, according to a surgeon’s report (AP)

            An estimated 126 million nonsmokers inhale second hand smoke from smokers. “Involuntary smoking” is what Richard Carmona calls it. Carmona is a Surgeon General. Second hand smoke exposes people from a variety of illnesses that may lead to death, like lung cancer, heart disease and an array of smoke related cases.

            As mentioned, there is no way of controlling second hand smoke, nonsmokers are at the mercy of the wind, states a report on a recent study on second hand smoke. This report would surely encourage authorities all over the world to ban smoking in public places. In the United States, fourteen states have already passed laws that smoke ban laws in public places like dining areas and public buildings.

            But laws can only do so much. Children are at risk from their parents that smoke at home. Over one in five children suffers from second hand smoke in places that are thought to be safe, the home. Children who “involuntarily” smokes are at risk from SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), pneumonia, and severe asthma.

                        Exposure to secondhand smoke remains an alarming public health hazard.

                        Nonsmokers need protection through the restriction of smoking in public places

                        And by smokers voluntarily not puffing around children. (Carmona)

Studies on the effects of smoking are nothing new, the only things that are new in each study  are the new diseases that are associated with smoking. It has long been established that smoking, whether voluntarily or involuntarily causes lung cancer.

Further studies show that smoking (both means) also causes heart disease and other diseases. Statistics show that secondhand smoke took the lives of some 3,400 lives yearly in America alone from lung cancer. A staggering 46,00 more die from heart disease, and about 430 children die from SIDS.

            Of course, the ones who benefit from the business would not just let all these banning go unnoticed. Tobacco companies and establishments with smoking customers have tried to stop laws on the smoking ban. Their efforts however, if I may say, is selfish, immoral even, think of the lives that would be lost if the smoking law would be lifted.


            If these figures do not convince governments all over the world to pass laws banning smoking on public places, I don’t know what will. It’s no longer a question if smoking is bad, the question now is, how bad it is, and how it has become. It is up to us now to impose laws that would ban smoking totally in public places, and who knows, maybe tobacco itself.


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