Civic Concious Proposal

On the date of the event, we will prepare various types Of foods such as sandwiches, tarts and spaghetti. After doing some research and analysis, our expected expense is ARM 600 while our expected net profit is ARM 300. Last but not least, during the event day we may also face some risks such as bad weather, food poisoning and machine broke down. We have already found out some solutions to make sure everything will be welled done. Objectives To encourage people to have a healthy living style. Raise funds to help Non-profit Organizations.

Giving awareness to people about the importance of healthy lifestyle. Improve the relationship between classmates. Improve the communication skills with others. Discover the entrepreneurial spirit among classmates. We carry out this project because we would like to show some consciousness for authorities such as to encourage youngsters nowadays to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most of them are not having a healthy lifestyle due to there are too many of unhealthy foods selling outside there. With this project, we hope to give them some awareness about the importance of the healthy lifestyle.

Besides that, we hope that through this project, we can earn some money and we can donate it to the Non-Profit Organizations because they might need some financial help from the outsiders. During this event, we need the spirits of volunteerism to involve for the event. It can also help to improve the relationship with our classmates. We can also learn a lot of the communication skills from this project. Lastly, we hope that we could also discover some entrepreneurial spirit among our classmates because this may help them for their future. Method of Implementation 1.

Organize a healthy food fair in our school. . We will also find sponsorship. 3. We will also set a goal to achieve. 4. We will separate into two groups to carry out the project by selling different types of food. 5. We will do some advertisement through online. 6. We will also do some advertisement in our school compound. To make sure the event will goes well, we plan to separate our class into two groups by selling different food. One of the groups will manage the vegetarian foods part while the other group will manage the healthy foods part.

We will also make advertisement through online and we might print out mom brochures to give to the students in our school as an advertisement so that when we carry out our event, we will have a number of customers. We will also find some sponsorship to sponsor us some raw materials. We will set a goal so that we will do our best to achieve it. Our goal set to earn a net profit minimum REARM. The reason we choose these method is we hope that with these methods, we will carry out our event successfully and smoothly.

The idea of selling vegetarian foods and healthy meals was came out when one of our classmates doing some research through internet. This would help us to parade the awareness of different types of diseases such as diabetes while raising funds for NAG. Since that we will having various types of tasks so our administration department decided to separate all our class members into 2 groups to ensure our effectiveness. However, doing advertisement is an alternative path to help us reach our goals so our publicity team will help to promote our event through online and also in our school compound.

As we all are still study and don’t have sufficient funds to prepare for the event so sponsorship is very important to build up the project. Last but not least, eating goals is the main thing we have to do to accomplish our mission. Distribution of Tasks Chairman Chairman will help us to come out ideas, suggestion and making important decision. Secretary Secretary help to prepare the information needed and also help to prepare the proposal and the reports. In other situation, secretary also act as a leader who deals with correspondence and help to organize meetings and events.

Treasury Secretary Treasury Secretary will help us to find sponsorship, setting budget, collect money and manage the money. She will also help us to calculate for the expenses and prepare a financial report. Photographer Photographer will help us to capture photos during the entire project to record the process of preparation and to ensure every position is doing their own duties. Publicity Publicity will help us to promote our event by giving brochures and also promote through online so that many people know about this event. Committee Members Take part in the preparation during the event and giving help for the task that distributed. Please refer to appendix 1 for the committee list. Work Schedule and Deadlines First meeting: Briefing about coursework Date: 01 October 2014 (Wednesday) Time: 10:AAA. M-11 :Ooh. M. Venue: B 208 Details: Briefing about our coursework and brain storming about ideas to carry out the event. Results: Nothing was decided. Second Meeting: Brain Storming Date: 08 October 2014 (Wednesday) Time: venue: B 109 Details: Came out with some ideas of volunteerism. Results: We decided to organize an event which is visiting old folks home. However, our plan did not work out as our topic didn’t match with the coursework purpose after consulting out tutor, Mr..

Jonathan. Third Meeting: Empowerment to all participants. Date: go October 2014 (Thursday) Time: 3:app. M. -4. App. M. Venue: New Library Meeting Room Details: Listening to their opinion and decide our theme for the project. We have planned and leading by electing the administration department to carry out this project. Setting date, time and venue for the event. Results: We all agree to use the idea of organizing a healthy lifestyle food fair in school. Our event will be held on 12 of November start from am to pm in Tartar’s old foyer. Expected Expenses This expected expenses is plan to for 30 pass.

We are planning to serve 90 pass. Foreseeable Problems Bad weather emitted Ingredients Food poisoning Machine broke down Conflict within customer and seller To ensure that our event can organized smoothly, we might also have to take a look on some foreseeable problems. We might meet bad weather like heavy rain and thunderstorm or even. If we meet this kind of problem, we may still continue carry out our event by setting up another booth so that the customers and the seller won’t be affected by the heavy rain. We might also face the problem of lacking of ingredients but we can still continue to sell cause we will save some back up.

If we really need it, we can just go to our hostel and get it. Besides that, we might also face the problem of food poisoning from our customer. We will guarantee our cleanliness so that we could prevent this to happen to our customers. We may also meet the problem of machine broke down but we will prepare two machines so that we can continue our event smoothly. Lastly, we might also meet the problem of having conflict within customer and our seller. We will communicate with our customer as gentle as we can to prevent conflict to happen.