Civic Report

What have you learned about yourself after organizing the event (fundraising/ community service)? From the charity event, I have realize that solving problem and decision-making are my weakness which I wanted to improve. I realize that the best way to make a good decision during tough times is to reach out to others for help. It can be really helpful to get other people’s perspectives on different options, particularly when they’ve made similar decisions in the past, do not hesitate to ask. Sometimes you might not be able to predict what would happen if you choose a particular choice, hose what seems to be best for you and leave the rest.

You’ve got to take some risks in life. When you don’t know how to decide, you have to go by what your heart says. I’ve realized that I have to go by what my mind says and that will definitely show the correct path. 2. What have you learned about the event? There is nothing simple, easy or even low-cost for a fund raising event. It needs planning for organize it. Besides, cooperation between others for this event is very importance. Hence, I had learned how to cooperate with others s I knew that it is not easy as you thought as everyone would took their time to have a meeting together.

Moreover, have learned about how to make a difference in the business world and how to raise money for a purpose or a cause. Assuredly, the main purpose of this charity event is to help others especially dialysis person. Therefore, it let me be aware of healthy more major than money. Furthermore, basic of how to organize the charity event become one of the experiences and undergo of my life as never organized an event before. In addition, it also let me getting even more knowledge of owe to handle this charity event without any mistaken. . What have you contributed in making the event a success? To contribute in making the event a success, a chair person that is the chairman for this charity event are very important to manage this event as he or she needed to guide the planning of the event and see it to fruition. Thus, I have vote for the person that I believe that this person will handled the event very well. Second, I have given myself enough time to organize this fundraiser. Besides, set up the lowest cost of budget will helping the event onto a success very well.

The major of the event is to earn money to support the cause and the goal we want to achieve so we won’t to incur too many expenses. So we have found some volunteers for donated products and services in return for sponsored recognition. This can help us to keep the cost downwards. 4. What were the most important lessons learned? First of all, the most important lesson that we have learned about is nudge. As a human being, we all know that there are limits to our success when we appeal to the intellectual and rational side of people. Emotion is a more rueful driver of individual behavior.

Thence, don’t let our emotions get the best of us and be clever enough to turn shade into shine for we are the things that learned from the event. Next, evaluation for the competitors’ event has to do so. Every touch point with customers is an opportunity to measure and every fundraising can and should be evaluated. This is much easier when the evaluation is planned in from the beginning. Moreover, we have learned how to beyond awareness. Awareness can be secondary or intermediate outcomes but we should always aim to do more. As we can to change people’s attitudes, or prompt new or even different behaviors. . What were the best things you discovered about your community while organizing the event? While organizing the event, the best things that have discovered about my community is -Improving the relationship between classmates -improve team work -improve communication skill 6. Did you learn a new skill or clarify an interest? Yes have learned some several skills through this charity event. Self- management is the first skill that I have aware from the event. Strong organization skills, effective productivity habits and a strong sense of spieling are needed to keep myself on track.

Furthermore, good critical thinking skills can distinguish us from the mass of people as we are exposed to hundreds even thousands of times for more information on a daily basis than our great-grandparents were. In addition, effective Of decision making is the bridge that can leads from analysis to action. Being able to take in the scene and respond quickly and effectively is what separates the doers from the wan enables. 7. What specific skills have you used in making the event a success? Communication skill . Did you encounter any challenges or difficulties?

If yes, how did you address them? 9. Describe a person you have encountered in the event who made a strong impression on you. 10. How does your experience connect to your future working life? As a business students, this charity event have become an experience for me and it will help me In my future. It let me be aware that how to organize an event. In future if as work as a worker of a company, the basic knowledge of handling and planning for an event can easily help me for handling it as I got experience if compared to others.

Besides that, it had help for my communication. As future employee in a company, I would have a very well communication skill to communicate with my clients. From this charity event, have learned about how to promotes our sales to our and provide a good services. It means it is very useful for me as a business student that it can teach me for how to promote sales or goods of a company or how to provide good services to consumer. In turn, we also can teach our colleague or maybe motivated to our subordinate through that skill.