Class Discussion

As you will note from the text, everyone seems to know what the “self’ is; however, hardly anyone can actually say what it is. To develop a more scientific understanding of self, scientists begin with the functions of self, its differences from other selves, and its source. In considering the self, it is important to look at our own views of self and how we have seen others view themselves. In responding to the following discussion, utilize the concepts of self you read about in Chapter 3. Please respond to all of the following romps in the class discussion section of your online course.

In your own words, define self. Myself, yourself, etc. 2. How has your own self changed since grade school? I think since grade school I have changed a lot and I feel like the older I get the more I try to make sense out of my life. I now see life as a meaningful whole. 3. How has it changed since high school? I think live changed. Feel like have grown in knowledge and think more about consequences. I also have learned about discrimination and held up on the fighting. I get more frustrated and put up with less from people and drama.

I hate drama! But I feel like I’m generally more understanding. I also have a lot more patience than used to. 4. What parts of your self have stayed the same? My low tolerance for bullying will never change. However, am more eager and intelligent to stand up against it now. 5. How does your behavior differ when you interact with a professor, coworker, parent, and friend? My relationship with my professor, coworker would be more of in a professional way but when it comes to my parents and rinds am more laid back and open. . How much of your behavior can be attributed to the expectations of your social roles? Don’t care about social role expectations, because when am in public or with friends I don’t care about their expectations of me. If I have to change to prove a point, then will appear fake to most people. Now in front of my family and boss, have a role to play so I will be more professional and hide my true social role from them just so they don’t look at me different. 7. How do these behaviors portray the purpose of your public self?

In public, everyone around me just love my public self. I love a good joke and I don’t mind laughing out loud. These behaviors help me to be more social with my peers. 8. Recall a time when someone viewed you differently from how you viewed yourself. In high school, I was a brat and spoiled. In school only spoke to certain people that looked like somebody. So the other day I ran into a lady I went high school with and started talking to her . She had this crazy look on her face, so I asked her if she was k.

She said yes, but was shocked that even spoke to her. Then she went on to explain that she knew me from school, but never heard me speck. She told me she never liked me because felt like I was better than everybody else. 9. How did this difference affect your self-concept? In no way did it affect my self-concept because I was in high school and was blind. I felt like I didn’t know any better. But, the lady told me after we finished talking that it was nice specking to me and her whole opinion of me changed.