Both depict her as an intellectual manipulator who used the weaknesses of others to attempt to fulfill her ambitions. In the film when Cleopatra enters into Rome she displays an array of lavish performances conducted by ornately decorated subjects in a bid to win over the roman populous and senators. This is similar to Plutarch account Of Marc Anthony and Cleopatra meeting at Tarsus. Plutarch vividly describes a barge decorated with gold and silver with purple sails, displaying Cleopatra as Venus (IOWA Book 1 Reputations, P. -10); he suggests she does this to draw the attention to her through a display of power and wealth. In the same scene a roman also says “in obtaining her objectives she employs torture, poison and even her own sexual talents” the second roman statement resembles Plutarch view of Cleopatra heavily. Plutarch indicates that Cleopatra is cleaver and has an aptitude for manipulation and cunning; he says “she was a master of a thousand flatterers “(AID Book 1 Reputations, Pl 1) both versions of Cleopatra represent her as an intellectual and a manipulator.

There is however inconsistencies between the two versions of Cleopatra can be seen. The film admits to Cleopatra Hellenic lineage, in the same scene as her intellect is mentioned to Creaser by a roman. Whereas the Romans make no mention of Greek ancestry and associate her to Egyptian culture and completely omit her Greek heritage, although the film makes Cleopatra appear Egyptian. Plutarch clearly suggests Cleopatra wasn’t captivating beautiful, but rather, had a bewitching personality. AI 00 Book 1 Reputations, AS) The film dose show some of that personality but in contrast to Plutarch the film emphasizes her beauty as one of her major assets for manipulation rather than her charisma and charm. Further contrasts can be seen in the depiction “Horace, Ode 1. 37″Cleopatra is described as a “Mad queen” who has mind is “deranged by Amaretto wine” ND she was preparing to become a great threat to Romeos security, suggested by the line “the ruin of the capital and the destruction of our power” .

The film represents Cleopatra as someone sound of mind, concentrated more on self preservation rather than the destruction of Rome. On the whole the versions of Cleopatra have some similarities, for example, she is portrayed as someone who is a manipulator and a sexual deviant and will try to obtain her goals trough any means.