Club Website: Content Guidelines

Club Web Sites Published by Student Computing Services The Web site that your club develops will represent your club and its membership. The site can promote interest in your club and attract new members—think of it as advertising. The site is also a main source of information for current members. Always consider how others will view or interpret the content of your site. Use the guidelines listed below as you develop and update the information you publish.

The college Student Computing Services office is available to assist clubs with Web site placement and maintenance. Consult the contact information, listed at the end of these guidelines, to set up a meeting with one of our staff members. General Information Guidelines Be sure that: All information on the Web site is club related. No personal information or links to personal information is on the Web site unless the content has a specific relationship to the club. Updates to the Web site are frequent enough to eliminate outdated content and to add new content.

Instruction s available to club members regarding proper use of bulletin boards, including general etiquette rules. Protected information on the Web site is available only to club members who have been issued user names and passwords. The club’s faculty advisor approves all Web site content and updates to the site. General information about the club should include: 1. Purpose and goals of the club 2. Names of club officers and their campus email addresses 3. Dates and locations of club meetings 4. Dates and locations of special events 5.

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Applications for club membership 6. Information about election of officers and nomination forms Web Site Design Guidelines Use a consistent design for all pages on the Web site. Design content so it complies with accessibility guidelines. Avoid errors, including spelling errors, by proofreading carefully. Organize the information on the site so users can find what they need quickly. Make sure pages load quickly. Make all text readable by using appropriate font sizes and colors, background colors and intensity, white space, and text alignment.

Use vertical scrolling where necessary. Avoid horizontal scrolling, which makes the site difficult to read and navigate. Use low-resolution graphics to facilitate rapid loading of Web pages. Use design elements, such as images, color, borders, and unusual fonts to make your site attractive and appealing. Consult the Student Computing Services team for further help with designing your club’s Web site. For assistance, Student Computing Service hours are: Friday 8 a. M. To 5 p. M. Saturday 8 a. M. To 12 noon