According to the latest data from the CDC, nearly half of American women aged 15-44 have lived with a partner sans wedding ring between 2006-2010, up from just 34 percent of women in 1995. Moreover, according to experts, that number has probably continued to rise since 2010. Despite the growing popularity Of cohabitation, any Americans continue to have conflicting views. Living together before marriage for some has its advantages, helping them financially, they also believe it to be socially acceptable, and look at it almost as a head start on marriage. While others disagree and say it is against their religious beliefs, inappropriate for all involved, and raises the chance for divorce. Whatever the case may be, living together before marriage for many people despite the trend is up for debate.

However, living together before marriage does not seem to have the negative effects that people claim it too, instead living soother before marriage can be very beneficial for a couple. (Green) Living together before marriage has been happening for many years, couples who decide to cohabitate before marrying have many benefits compared to those who choose to wait until after marriage. For example, cohabitation couples can get to know each other on a more personal level, allowing them to experience each other’s habits.

In particular, they can experience each others pet peeves, inconsistencies, mood swings, and the whole process of marriage before tying the knot. Many couples have entirely different practices. Whether hey are eating, sleeping or personal hygiene; just to name a few. Most individuals have very specific preferences. Living with someone prior to marriage is one way to see if both of their lifestyles mesh in a consistent way, or see if they can live with the other person’s habits. Additionally, couples living together before marriage can combine finances that allow them to see the level of responsibility each person has.

For instance, paying bills on time can be the deciding factor of whether or not they want to pursue married life with the individual. As a couple, they must learn to budget their money, and avian a larger income combined to pay bills this also gives them an opportunity to save more money. Paying bills together also leads to more communication between couples regarding where money is being spent. Having more communication between couples leaves less room for arguing at the end of the day. Also, another benefit of living with someone before marriage is it gives the couple more quality time together.

Cohabitation is becoming known as a trial period. “Many use it as a way to test compatibility before tying the knot. ” Furthermore, people act differently at home than they loud out on a date, living together prior to marriage allows for a couple to get a grasp for how married life will be. After a couple is living together for some time, a person may realize they do not seem as compatible as they once thought. Not being married makes it much easier for an individual to walk away and call it quits if they decide they do not want to spend the rest of their life with each other. Longhand) Although many people disagree, some think living together before marriage is setting an individual’s relationship up for disaster. They believe that it will only cause more problems between peoples, than having a positive outcome. First, any religion looks down upon living together before marriage. Many churchgoers say that living together before marriage is unconventional and allows for a couple to be less committed to the relationship. Thus in turn causes the couple to feel less secure within their relationship.

To many people of religion, marriage is considered to be a union created by god. Also, many people consider living together before marriage socially inappropriate, especially when kids Were involved, worried if the relationship does not work out, how it will affect the children in a breakup. Research shows, “Children in cohabitation households face an increase of adverse psycho-social outcomes; such as, emotional and behavioral problems, education difficulties, and the risk of being victims of abuse, especially if no father figure is around. Lastly, research also states, “Couples who cohabitate have a 46% greater risk of divorce than couples who do not live together before marriage” There are many different factors that can play into what causes the divorce. Something could be as small as an argument over money, children or one partner finally showing their true colors having a fight that ends in wanting a divorce. Alternatively, sometimes it is something that happens over time. Such as, after living together for so long a couple could begin to feel the distance growing between them and as the marriage progresses they grow apart, eventually leading to a drawn out divorce. Notate, McCoy) In conclusion, both sides have very valid arguments; however, it is very clear that living together before marriage is more common now, as well as more acceptable than it was centuries ago. Studies were showing changes when comparing today, to years ago. First of all, more recent research shows, ” Cohabitation may be keeping divorce rates teddy by weeding out couples who would have been more likely to get divorced had they not lived together. ” Furthermore, age plays a significant role in whether or not living together before marriage will be successful. More recent research also states that at the age of 23, when many people graduate from college, settle into adult life and begin becoming financially independent. The correlation with separation dramatically drops off. ” (1) Meaning after the age of 23 individuals in a cohabitation relationship are less likely to get divorced if they decide to marry. Lastly, the world is evolving, and people’s perception on things are changing. Living together before marriage is becoming more widely accepted as well as common throughout the world.