College entrance essay

Receiving a college education has been a life goal of mine since Eve started my high school career. When talking to an admissions officer I see myself brushing over a few key topics. First, how have I taken advantage of the educational opportunities I have had to prepare for college. Second, I would like to explain talent, experience, contribution, or a personal quality that I will bring to the University of California. Third, I would like to demonstrate my goals for college and personal and life experiences that draw me to pursue a college education to place my life on the path o success.

Throughout my high school experience Eve realized that the main ideal of high school is to prepare for college. I feel that many students including myself may fail to see this, which is sad because of the fact that this stage is so crucial in determining what our life will be composed of. Eve begun recognizing this at the beginning of my senior year of high school. I had opened my eyes and realized that I’m not exactly where I want to be in matters of preparation for college. I sat down and took the time to review my overall gap and saw that what I felt was correct. I event exceeded a 3. , which leads me to my second point. How impossible it is to be perfect. In my current English class we read a passage by a college admissions officer about his perspective of college applications. Throughout this segment I found some of the most inspirational statements Eve ever heard. First, “The reality is perfection doesn’t exist, and don’t expect to see it in a college application. ” Second, “In fact admissions officers tend to be skeptical of students who present themselves as individuals without flaws. ” At this moment I realized it was still possible for me to ran a college degree.

These statements gave me the determination and drive to keep pursuing that dream. Over the course of my college education I intend to achieve many goals. My most respectable goal is the level of degree I am pursuing. I’m looking forward to a general education with several years of medical education following it, which I will need to gain my doctorate in medical science. I know this may seem hard to believe with my current gap, however anything is possible with hard work and determination. As opposed to past years, I find myself constantly irking and pushing myself to succeed.

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Truly working hard at my expectations and molding a better “me”. Lastly I’d like to describe what I have to bring to the University of California Educational System. What I have to offer lies solely in character traits and personality. Eve been a very respectful student, capable of bringing color to a teachers day. I believe it is important to make a good relationship with your instructor. My most important trait is my hardworking mind frame. As stated earlier, I’m constantly working on something, knowing there is always room for improvement.

I’m willing to do whatever it takes to hold strong to my high standards. In conclusion receiving a college education has been a life goal of mine since I started my high school career. I have many personality traits and a good work ethic to bring to the University of California Educational System. I’m taking advantage of every opportunity I have to prepare for college. In an actual encounter with an admissions officer this is all of the following guidelines, game plan and overall description of me and my goals for college. The end. College entrance essay By debriefing