Common Factor That Distract The CLHS Student In Studying

I realized that the factors that distracts students are similar not only in my course also other courses. I’ve noticed that there are 3 main factors that affect or distract the students. First, is Personal Problem like having a boyfriend/girlfriend. Some people say that they make their affairs as an inspiration but in some cases there are some people that lovelier is being distraction.

Some examples of lovelier being a distraction are: sudden break up and those be or SGF that wanted you to consume time for them more than studying. Second factor is family problems like financial problem and broken family. Financial problem somehow affects students their thinking of what will happen to them if their parents don t have enough money to support their tidies so instead of having stress in their studies, they are stress of thinking how will they continue their studies.

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The other one is having a broken family. Students tend to overprint example when their parents are separated and they don’t know who to choose among them. And the most reason why student are distracted in their studies is Social Media. Social media like Faceable, twitter, Youth, and yahoo affects students especially when the school have free Wi-If access because instead of listening to the lecture of the proof they are busy checking and updating their status.

Having those 3 factors are sometimes helpful like lovelier and financial problem, we can make it as inspiration not distraction, and social media being helpful in their studies in sharing lectures to one another if you somehow don’t understand the topics. We can make these 3 factors as inspiration to prove to other people that we can reach our goal or dream even if we have problems.