Communicable And Non Communicable Diseases Right

This old make the disease airborne. This means disease can be spread through the atmosphere. Communicable disease can be known as being infectious as it is passed from person to person. Communicable disease are also known as being contagious, meaning easy to catch from another individual. An example of a communicable disease could be salmonella poisoning (food poisoning) this disease could be spread from the use of unsafe food preparation/food storage in public kitchens such as a schools canteen.

This can include cross contamination from a different food product, causing dangerous bacteria from a raw food product to contaminate another food reduce. This is dangerous and could cause harm as raw meat must be cooked before consumed. Cooking meat kills off any harmful bacteria that could potentially lead to food poisoning, making the meat safe to eat. Health promotion measures are put in place to to prevent the occurrence of salmonella by raising awareness of food poisoning and stating how important it is for the right food preparation and storage to take place in a kitchen.

This is done by advertising antibacterial hand wash and surface cleaner on television to protect people from getting harmful bacteria on the surfaces. This stops the bacteria from spreading as the sanitize kills bacteria. Awareness of the dangers of food poisoning is raised by putting up posters in public kitchens, in which the staff must read and acknowledge before food preparation. The information on the posters link into and explain the food safety act 1990 . Health protection measures are also put in place in public kitchens to prevent the risk of food poisoning in many different ways.

This could be due to the use of different colored chopping boards to prevent cross contamination of the bacteria from raw meat. Also, sanitize is a legal acquirement in a kitchen, to sanitize surfaces after food preparation has taken place. This sanitize the surfaces which kill Off harmful bacteria. This prevents the spread of bacteria. The last example of a health protection measure is the storage of food in a kitchens fridge. The order of food storage in a fridge is crucial and must follow the rules to avoid cross contamination within food inside the fridge.

Firstly any sauces must be kept contained at the top of the fridge as they are the less harmful food product. Then on the second shelf, dairy products are kept. After that, cooked meats are to be laced in the fridge as blood from the meat is mainly cooked of or sealed preventing blood to drip onto other products. Leaving raw meats stacked at the bottom of the fridge as harmful bacteria is carried in the blood and if stacked at the top, the blood is likely to drip onto the other food products, causing cross contamination.

Lastly, liquids are kept in the pockets of the fridge to prevent spillage and to prevent liquids like milk, going off, causing bacteria to spread. Personally, I believe that enough is being done to prevent food poisoning as there aren’t many serious cases that have heard of from a public kitchen in a health or social care setting, like a school/hospital. This is because kitchen staff are aware and have procedures and steps to take in order to and store food. Also, if there is a case of food poisoning that breaks out, a course of antibiotics and medicine can be used to cure it ant there are speedy Ways round treating food poisoning.

An example of a non communicable disease is cardiovascular disease or diabetes. This disease could be hereditary /genetically inherited (passed through your ancestors’ genes) this can also be determined by your lifestyle. For example, if you were a heavy smoker and drank a lot of alcohol and does not do a lot of exercise and haven’t got a balanced diet, Eating fatty foods constantly) you are more likely to develop a serious/life threatening heart condition or maybe diabetes.

Health promotion measures are put in place to lower the percentage of obesity levels in the ELK. These measures involve health programmed such as Changeling which is a government funded organization that gives families the opportunity to spend time together whilst leading a healthy lifestyle. This programmer introduces a balanced diet, keeping away from fatty foods and gig levels of salt and sugar in the diet and gives healthy alternative of what to eat in a weekly family planner.