Communication Apprehension

During the first couple classes of my eight A. M. Communications class I began to notice some things about how others communicate. We began to discuss why some people are nervous or apprehensive when it comes to having a simple conversation with another person. Some photoset reasons could be fear of rejection, low self-esteem, or not wanting to seem foolish when speaking to that person. After taking the personal report of communication apprehension test it became very clear as to how I work and communicate tit Others.

Through grading myself and seeing my test results I can only imagine how difficult it must be for some individuals to express themselves in a large group setting. When calculating my scores of the PARA;24 1 was not surprised at how my scores came out. My scores came to a 51, which indicated that I have a low level of communication apprehension. The reason believe that I have low communication apprehension is because of my hobbies and interests. Ever since I was little I have enjoyed being outgoing and expressive of my opinions.

My mother noticed my outgoing personality ND decided to enroll me in theatre classes to allow me to express myself freely without judgment. After going to a couple of classes I realized how much I loved performing and talking to people. Since then I have been performing and excelling in giving speeches and public speaking. For that very reason was not surprised at my test results because I have been comfortable expressing myself in front of a large group of people for many years of my life.

With the help of my partner, Jessica Stilwell, we have researched and came up with a few ideas and tactics on how to improve a person’s communication apprehension. A common tip that came up in our research is being prepared to give a speech. In order to be prepared you have to make many steps. Some of these steps can include: memorizing your information, asking a friend to quiz you on the information, talk the information out loud to yourself In a mirror, and asking friends or family to do a trial run of your speech (having them as your audience).

Another tactic to being confident with communicating with others is by raising your self- confidence. If you think badly about yourself, most likely the worst possible scenario you planned out in your head will happen. To reverse bad things from happening in your presentation the answer is very simple; start thinking more highly of yourself. Before you enter the room think to yourself something along the lines of, ‘there is no reason to be nervous. I am prepared. My classmates are going through the same amount Of anxiety that I am. We are all in this together. If you are fully prepared with all of your information then you have no reason to be nervous in front of a group of people. An article that related to instantly was “Overcoming the Fear of Confrontation” by Laurie Stewart. In this article Stewart discusses several seasons for having anxiety when it comes to having to confront someone about a not so comfortable conversation. Some reasons being: harsh prior experiences, conflict phobia, imagining the reaction of the person they are conversing with, or feeling inferior to the other person in the conversation.

Stewart gave a lot of great examples on how to decrease anxiety while facing a confrontation, but my favorite one is, “Use ‘l’ more than ‘you’ whenever possible- ‘l feel uncomfortable that my space isn’t secure’ rather than ‘You make me uncomfortable when you take my stuff. ” This is an important piece f advice that many people of our generation need to understand. When participating in a conversation if someone places the blame on the other person they come off across as being an attacker wanting revenge.

If the person simply explained how they felt the person receiving the information would be much more sympathetic of the other person’s feelings. This tactic will eliminate a lot of tension from the person you are conversing with, which will also decrease the level of anxiety you walk into the conversation with. All in all, the talent of being a go communicator is essential to everyday life. Being a good communicator can get you as far as finding a great job, finding your life companion, or making a deal on a car.

I am lucky enough to have ended up at a great school with a great musical theatre program because of my self-confidence and my ability to converse with people thorough and comfortably. After looking at all of the ways to improve my communication skills I realize that can even further my journey of being a great communicator with simple tasks.